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My family and I just got back from an impromptu trip to Universal Orlando!

How I got packed in just one week!

That’s right! I said impromptu! We have never done this before but decided it may be our last year to take the kids out of school since our oldest will be entering Jr. High next year!

Instead of crying about it, my husband and I decided that we wanted to try to fit in one last trip to Orlando … while the kids were still in school… and keeping it a surprise!

We scrambled all week since we made all of our travel arrangements on a Monday and were leaving the following Monday!

But we made it and it was in part due to my checklist! Between emailing teachers, trying to keep the secret from my kids, and then…wouldn’t you know it…we had 3 snow days in a row! So the kids were home and it was even harder to get everything done and keep it a secret!

But when it came time to pack … the night before … this checklist made my life so much easier!

Who knows what we would have wound up taking otherwise. My kids could have been running around Universal with no underwear on!

Make sure your kids have underwear to wear!

I know if you stay home that at the end of the day you are exhausted from having tea parties, going to playdates and listening to the story about your child’s favorite stuffed animal for the millionth time.

And if you work! You are even more exhausted by working all day and then dealing with kids all evening!

If you’re planning a trip, make your life a little easier by using this checklist!

Cheers to Happy and Safe Travels and kids wearing underwear!

Author Bio:

Hi! I’m Julie. I love hanging out with my family in Universal Orlando, at home, or anywhere for that matter because they are my life! When they are at school you can find me blogging, organizing, exercising, or making sarcastic comments to my husband! Just trying to remember to laugh!

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