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Do you ever wonder where to start decluttering?

Guess what?… You are not alone.  Even I struggle sometimes with where to start when my house gets really messy!

Hi, I’m Julie from The Mom Survival Guide and I want you to know exactly where to start decluttering in your home.  

And not just that. . . I want you to know exactly what should and should not be in each of your rooms so you know exactly what to declutter.

. . . AND . . . I want to teach you the questions you need to ask yourself about the things in your home that will help you declutter in the future…without anyone’s help.

So I wrote a book to help you called “Clear The Chaos”, which you can see below.

The book is in my shop for $27, but because you signed up for the motivation tips, I thought you may be in need of some extra help. 

So I want to offer this guide to you for just $7 today.

Here are some of the things you can find inside . . .

  • Find Your Why Worksheet (fillable digitally or by printing) to help you find the motivation you need to get started.
  • Where To Start Worksheet (fillable digitally or by printing) so you know the best place to start decluttering in YOUR home.
  • Questions to help you identify what to keep and what to toss in each section of your home.
  • Calendar Pages (fillable digitally or by printing) for scheduling maintenance decluttering sessions.
  • Tips to keep your home free of clutter in the future.

Who This Product IS for..

  • If you are struggling to find a place to begin . . . then this guide can help

  • If you are ready to start getting rid of things in your home you no longer want or need . . . then this guide is for you.

  • If you are willing to do the work cleaning out your clutter . . . then this guide is for you.

Common Questions:

Will this help me be less distracted by the other clutter in my home?

Yes, many times you have so much clutter that it is hard for you to stay focused on one area.  This ebook breaks down the process into not only rooms, but also sections within that room to help keep you focused on one area at a time.

I am not sure where to start, will this book help me?

Yes, this book has a special page to help you weigh the pros and cons of each area so you can start in the place that will give you the most benefit for the time you put in.

How much does this cost?

The normal cost of this book is $27 dollars.  But it is on sale right now for just $7.  Which if you consider how much you would spend to hire someone to do the work for you, is a great deal.  You also need to consider how much time and money you are currently losing by having the clutter in your home.

If I hire someone will it be less work?

Yes and no.  While someone else may do the heavy lifting for you, you will still have to be present throughout the entire decluttering process to make sure the person you hire is keeping and tossing only what YOU want.  So in the end, you are still doing all the work but spending WAY more money.  This declutter guide breaks down each room to walk you through exactly how to declutter yourself, saving you lots of money in the end.

Will using this ebook help my messes stay away?

Yes.  Once you have worked your way through this decluttering ebook, you are presented with several calendars and schedules you can use to keep up with a decluttering schedule.  There are also suggestions about how to take things a step further after the declutter to make sure things stay the way you want them.

I don’t have much time to spend on this, how much time will this take?  

The Clear the Chaos ebook is designed to help you break down tasks into manageable decluttering projects.  That way, you will not tear an entire space apart and then be pulled away by kids or having to make dinner before you finish.  The book can be put down and picked back up at anytime, making it ideal for any schedule or timeline.

Will this help with my anxiety?

Yes.  Clutter is one big causer of stress.  It can cause anxiety if there is too much in one space and it can even affect your sleep.  Clear the Chaos is specially designed to keep decluttering projects small and contained so you do not get overwhelmed or anxious in the process.  And in the end, less clutter will mean less anxiety.

How will this help me clean my house faster?

This decluttering ebook does not talk about cleaning specifically in the terms of using cleaners and products to scrub and disinfect.  It will however streamline your cleaning efforts.  Because if there is nothing to clean up or clean around, you can clean much, much faster.

How will this help me find more time in my day?

Like you, my day was filled with busy kids schedules, trying to keep things clean and trying to stay organized enough to remember appointments.  In the end, I learned that keeping clutter to a minimum helps me stay on task where I need to and therefore makes those tasks go much faster.  In the end, if you can get things done faster because you don’t have to work around the clutter, then you will have more time for the things you want to do.

So now the only question is . . . are you ready to get started?

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