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I know it is hard to be home with your kids and not talk to anyone but maybe the mailman or an occasional FedEx delivery person. It can make you feel truly isolated and like you just are not part of the world anymore. Here are some of the ways how I stay sane while staying at home with my kids.



The best ways to combat this loneliness is to find others like yourself. I promise there are more women who are going through the exact same things as you right now. Some great places to find mom’s like yourself are in places where young kids would be around your area of town.  Places like the library during story time, the park on a beautiful fall day, or any other kid-centered play areas you have in your town.  Also, check out if your area has a local Mom’s Club.  You can look it up here.

My Mom’s Group was great. Not only did we have playgroups with other kids and moms every week, but we also had a book club for just the moms, Christmas and Halloween Parties, and Mom’s Night Out once a month.

Then, (and this is the most important part!) don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with other moms. What do you have to lose, right?  Make a nice comment about how well their child does something, and they will definitely want to talk to you more.  If they live near you they may be someone that is looking for a mom to hang out with as well.

If you can find some other women who are in the same boat as you, it will make your days go much easier and make you so much happier. Moms that are living on one income, moms to share parenting ideas with, moms to get recipes from.  These are the moms that know exactly what you are dealing with and in that similarity comes a connection that can really help you survive the SAHM life!


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Sometimes going out is not an option, like if your child is sick or if the day is rainy and cold so the park is muddy.  So you have to stay sane while staying in.

I like to always have a project going in my house.  Something that I know may not get done right away and that I don’t need right away.  But something that I enjoy working on and can do when I am stuck at home to take my mind off the kids now and again.

You need to find something you enjoy doing in your home.  It will really help you RELAX.  You could try reading, knitting, painting, listening to music, redecorating a room, perusing Pinterest.  Anything that you enjoy.  It may only be for 15 minutes, but it could be while the kids nap.  If your kids are older, then you may even be able to explain to them that they need to play with their playdoh for 15 minutes while mommy has some mommy time.

If you have forgotten what you enjoy, try thinking back to when you didn’t have kids.  What did you like to do when you had nothing else going on.  OR, maybe something that you haven’t done since you were a kid.  Maybe that would help you pass the lonely days.



When your significant other gets home, sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself.  Either going upstairs to relax in a nice hot bath or heading to my favorite place…Target wink  to wander around the aisles.  I am not telling you to leave your hubby with the kids forever after he has worked all day, but if he could provide you with about 45 minutes to decompress, it is great for both your sanity and his!



On the weekends, do something fun!  Either with the whole family (because dad can help out!) or maybe with a girlfriend, mother, or your husband.  You don’t have to disappear for the whole weekend or even a whole day, I mean we have to be a mom still, right?

BUT, if you can find some time to fill up your own emotional cup after a week of putting your children first, you will feel much more refreshed when Monday morning rolls back around.


I really hope this posts can help you find sanity while being a SAHM!

Thanks for Reading!


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