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The Hidden Cost of Clutter and Disorganization You Need To See

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Cost Of Clutter And Disorganization

The cost of clutter can actually be quite staggering. Not because it is some obscene amount of money you are wasting (though you do waste money). But because of the hidden costs related to your clutter. Find out how the cost of clutter and disorganization is really affecting your life.

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How Much Does Clutter Cost?

When it comes to the cost of something, most people’s minds immediately move to the concept of money. But as bad as it is to be wasting money, clutter costs you in other ways too. Try your stress levels, your sleep, your productivity, and even your space.

But you can change how much clutter and disorganization are costing you by getting organized. Have you ever tried a Home Management Binder? They can be incredibly useful for helping you form better habits and keep track of things in your home in order to cut costs.

But first, let’s dive into exactly how clutter is costing you…

The Effects Of Clutter

1// Money

We will start off with the most obvious way that clutter effects us. Money. When you have too much clutter in your home, it normally means you are buying too much. Which means you are spending more money than you need too.

But because you are bringing so much into your home, and not taking enough out, you start losing things…so you have to buy more…which causes you to spend money.

You don’t realize you are out of things, for example toilet paper, so instead of searching out the best price or finding coupons, you run to the nearest drug store and spend too much on something you need right now!

How about those times when you are running around the house trying to find your keys? Or your phone? Or your child’s other shoe? Have you ever been late to an appointment because of that disorganization and clutter? Did you have to pay the doctor’s office for missing that appointment?

And then there is the dreaded storage space. Did you know that some people have so much clutter that they have to rent extra space to keep it in? Renting storage space is a very pricey cost to having clutter.

All of these ways show the high cost of clutter. And the longer you let it go, the more money it is going to cost you in the end.

2// Space

Our homes are only so big. And if you are not living inside your means, and watching what you buy, then our homes, and our living spaces become smaller and smaller.

That is when we start doing things like buying larger homes…instead of just getting rid of things we don’t need.

Or we buy storage spaces to keep all of our clutter…instead of just getting rid of the things we don’t need.

In the end, clutter is costing you space and money.

3// Stress

There is a reason that things like meditation are used to help people with stress. It is because meditation is about removing the clutter from your mind so you can relax.

In the case of mental clutter, it is fixable with the act of meditation, or clearing your mind. The stress of physical clutter can be dealt with in the same way…by decluttering, or clearing the physical clutter from you home.

Just like with mental clutter, physical clutter causes your body to stay in a constant state of alert. Why? Because constantly seeing things around you in heaps and piles forces your body to always feel like the job unfinished. A cluttered house can actually cause anxiety. Therefore, never allowing you to relax.

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4// Sleep

Sleep is the last way that clutter can affect you in a devastating way. The stress of the clutter around you again, forces your body to feel like it has not finished whatever job it is supposed to have done.

Not to mention, losing sleep over money. Are your finances keeping you awake at night? Get them under control by losing the clutter and becoming a more organized person.

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5// Productivity

Your productivity can be completely lost if you have too much clutter.

As a mom, trying to get out the door with kids is already a huge challenge. But when you can’t find what you need in a reasonable amount of time, that challenge becomes even more challenging.

You can’t find the kids shoes, hats, or gloves so you run around the house searching. You can’t find your phone or keys, so you are running around searching again! Before you know it, you have wasted loads of time searching for things that can easily be organized better.

How about distractions. Did you know that if you are trying to do work in a cluttered space, odds are that you will be distracted by all the other things around you. So the cost of clutter here is your productivity.

It is taking you twice as long to get things finished than it would if your home were clean and organized.

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Save Clutter Costs By Getting Organized

Creating inventory sheets for your home, labeling where items go, and getting rid of all the extra stuff in your home may not sound like fun, but it is completely necessary if you want to cut the cost of clutter in your life. Here are some ways that becoming organized can help you save.

1.  You Can Stop Buying Extra Of Things

Do you remember the last time that you went looking for something and couldn’t find it.  You could swear that you just bought a new one.  It is something you always have because you use it often.

So where is it?  Can you remember where it is supposed to be?

If you have a cluttered home that is not organized well, then you may be searching in all kinds of areas of your house for that thing you need.

Eventually, you just say…Well, I need it and I can’t find it so I need to get a new one.

So you go to the store and spend money on a new one.

The kicker is…you eventually find the other one in your home in a completely random place.  Probably while you are looking for something completely different!

But here is the point.  You now have 2 and you only need one.

So you wasted money because you couldn’t find the thing you were looking for.

What’s my point?

If you only do this one time, yeah it probably doesn’t mean a whole lot.  But if you are disorganized and your home is cluttered, then odds are that you do this quite often.

Over time, you are going to wind up spending a ton of money on things that you never really needed in the first place.

2.  You Can Stop Missing Appointments

I don’t know about your doctor’s office, but all of mine now charge me if I miss an appointment or don’t cancel within the 24-hour cancellation window.  And it is not some miniscule amount.  It is like $50-$100 !!!!

Think of what you could do with that amount of money!

Being disorganized with your time can cost you great amounts of money.  Not to mention, some offices will eventually just kick you out if you miss too many appointments.  So you could be stuck looking for a new pediatrician when your child is sick and really needs to see someone.

Don’t take that risk.  Get organized.

3.  You Can Stop Making Last Minute Purchases

Last minute purchases will really set your budget back.  When you are living on one income, you know that every penny counts, so you try to save money where ever you can.

But if you have to make a last minute purchase, you will not compare prices or shop for the best deal.

Let me give you an example.  I buy all of my toilet paper and paper towels at Sams Club.  I buy them in bulk because it is cheaper for me to do so.

But if I completely run out…of toilet paper!  Things around here are going to get messy real quick!

In the case of running out of my supplies and needing to buy them last minute, I will have to buy from a regular store.  And to get the same quality product, I am going to pay more per pack than I do on my bulk purchases.

By knowing what supplies I have in the house and when they are going to run out, I can make sure I get to Sams Club to buy my money saving bulk purchases.

When you run out last minute, you make poor decisions about how to spend money because you just need to get the task done quickly.  So you don’t care as much about how much you spend.

Planning ahead can help you make good buying decisions and save you money in the end.

4.  You Can Have Less Time Drains

Believe it or not, there are so many time sucks in everyone’s day.  But some are avoidable and some are not.

Things that are avoidable are:

  • running around the house looking for shoes, gloves, coats, keys, phone, etc.
  • rescheduling appointments again and again because they were missed or you were late to them
  • having to drive to a rescheduled appointment because you were late to the first one and they wouldn’t see you.
  • running extra last minute errands because you didn’t plan the trip well or didn’t have a complete list of what was needed for the week.

When you get organized, you actually free up the time drains in your life.  Time drains are all of the activities that you do throughout a day or week that just waste time.

Time you spend searching, driving, on the phone rescheduling…these all just waste your time.

But guess what, by getting rid of clutter and getting organized you can gain that time back.  And it is time you didn’t even know you had.

So one day, after getting organized, you may actually have a day when you are sitting there wondering what to do with all of your FREE TIME! 

5. You Will Have Less Stress

Create a relaxing sanctuary in your home by removing the stress of clutter and becoming more organized. You can use a home management binder to get you started on your journey.

6. You Will Need Less Space

If you were thinking about spending the money to buy a bigger home or some storage space, it is not the answer. Just get rid of some clutter to make more room for you and your family.

You don’t need more space, you need less things.

So how much money am I wasting?

In the end, I don’t know exactly how much money you are wasting because it is going to be a little different for everyone.

But the one thing you need to know is that you can save money by getting organized.

Stop letting the clutter and disorganization run your life!  Take back control with this…Bring It All Together Home Management Binder!

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