Fall style must haves

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 Whether you are a stay at home mom like me (read more on my About page) or you are just a mom that loves looking good on the cheap, these Five Fall Style Must Haves will work for you!  Since I am living on just one income, I have to make sure I don’t go crazy on my personal spending.  I also want to make sure I don’t look like a messy mommy.  Part of being a great mom is remembering to do things for yourself too!

One great way to look good on a budget is to choose just a few pieces for your fall wardrobe. These pieces will make you look stylish, but because you only bought a few key pieces, you won’t break the bank.  The items in this list are a few that I think are must haves this fall because they will make a stylish impact in your wardrobe.

Disclaimer:  None of these links are affiliate links.  They are just items of clothing or beauty products that I liked and wanted to share.

Fall Must Have #1:

Fall Must Have #1

Women’s Cable Open Cardigan Sweater – A New Day™-Target

An Oversized Cardigan or Sweater

If you are looking to splurge on anything this fall, please do buy yourself a nice oversized sweater or cardigan.  They are so versatile for any outfit.  A t-shirt dress, skirt and t-shirt ensemble, or just jeans and a white t-shirt (I wear a lot of t-shirts! wink)  It can work as an outfit completer when you go to dinner.  OR, it can keep you warm while you are walking around the pumpkin farm with your kids.   It will keep you warm and stylish all at once.  I found the Cable Knit Cardigan in the above picture at target for around $30.  Which isn’t a bad price when you consider what it would cost at a department store or specialty store.  So check it out!  It may just fit into your budget afterall!

Fall Must Have #2:

Fall Must Have #2

Chelsea-style Boots – H&M

Brown Boots

Everyone needs a pair of brown boots for fall!  Since there are TONS of styles and shades of brown, I am sure you will find a pair that work for you.  My faves are the plaid lined hiking or combat boots.  They keep my feet warm and they are not fancy. That way I know I can hike with my kids or go on a hay ride and I have on the right shoes.  Not only that, but they go with just about every outfit I own as long as it isn’t a cocktail dress!

For boots to where out, I like a low bootie.  The ones in the picture above are from H&M!  They are normally $34, but right now they are on sale for just $19.99!  What a great deal for a pair of fall boots on a budget.  If you don’t like those, Target or Old Navy would be with next best places to look for great styles and great prices.

Fall Must Have #3:


Fall Must Have #3

Fall Nailcolor

I love, love, love fall nail colors!  My favorite brand is Essie, but there are so many brands that do great colors for not much money.  When you are trying not to spend loads of money on yourself, painting your own nails goes a long way.  Here are a few great colors for fall straight off the Essie site.

Anchor Down 

Topless & Barefoot

Winning Streak (this is a personal favorite)

Petal Pushers


Merino Cool

Fall Must Have #4:


Fall Must Have #4

Twill Field Jacket for Women Old Navy

Army Green Jacket

My favorite jacket for this fall (since I stay home and don’t have to go to the office or anything) is an army green jacket.  The one I bought is from Loft, but they don’t have that one posted online anymore.  I found the jacket in the picture above at Old Navy. Right now it is on sale for just $29.97!  That is way cheaper then the one I bought at Loft!

Fall Must Have #5:


Fall Must Have #5

Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt – Forever 21

A Plaid Flannel Shirt

Another totally versatile style in a casual wardrobe.  Can be worn by itself, under a vest or sweater, or around the waist if it is a warmer fall day.  It is a great look for both fall and winter, so you are getting something that can be worn longer than just one season.  Because of the bold plaid print, it will make a statement in whatever outfit you wear it with.  The Forever 21 shirt above is great because of it’s price at $19.90, but also because the colors allow it to be paired with loads of different outfits.  (I also like red flannel though!)


Well, that’s my list that I think will bring you into fall in style but without breaking the bank!  I would love to know what fall essentials you love to buy and if you have found them affordably, so please comment below!

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