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Welcome to the second part of the “Get Organized Series”.  Part One in the Series was all about scheduling your time to get a handle on the things that need to get done and how much time you actually have each day.

Part Two of the series is called “Organize Your Home”, and that is exactly what we are going to do.

Once you have scheduled your day, then you can start freeing up time to organize other areas of the house.  Getting  your home organized can save you incredible amounts of time.  Instead of running around looking for your child’s misplaced shoe, your car keys, or any other item of importance, you will know exactly where to find it!  And that is the beauty of organization!. There are 4 steps to organizing any part of your house.

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>>PRO TIP:  When I don’t know how to do something, I make sure I learn. That is why I recommend this online organization class.  From one mom to another, it is worth it to get organized so you can stay happy.

Step 1:  Purge It

The word purge means to rid one’s self of or to remove.  So the first step is to purge the area you are about to organize.  Whether it is one bathroom drawer or an entire closet, purging the contents will allow you to get everything out of the space so you can see what you have to work with.  Make sure you have an area in the house that can hold the contents of what you are cleaning out until you are ready to take the next step.

Step 2:  Divide It

Next you want to divide the items that you purged into 3 categories:

Category 1:  Garbage

Throw away the things you don’t use!  This can actually be quite therapuetic.  If you are organizing a bathroom drawer, then you may find old makeup that is expired or you just haven’t worn since your Prom!  Sometimes we keep things for sentimental reasons and that is fine, but if the sentiment is gone…TRASH IT!

I don’t make many rules for throwing things out, I feel you know best.  EXCEPT with makeup and other body products.  You need to throw those items away at certain times.  Here is a list of when to throw out beauty products from Good House Keeping.

Category 2:  Donate

You can donate almost anything in your house!  Some donation centers have stipulations about what they will take, but most accept anything from clothing, to old toys, to outdated pictures and furniture.  You can find a donation center near you on

Also, if you decide to clean out your pantry, a lot of unexpired food staples can be taken to the local food pantry.  You can look up a food pantry in your area at

There are so many people in the world that have far less than you.  Donate.

“There are so many people in the world

that have far less than you.

Try to Donate.”

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Category 3:  Move Things Around

Some items you will find that you just cannot part with, even though you never use them.  These items go into the Move pile.  Other items that may go into this pile are items that you have stocked up on like bars of soap or bottles of lotion.  Designate a hall closet or portion of your basement for overflow items.

I have an overflow closet for toiletries and I also use the spare bedroom closet for my out of season clothing.  So I will move a portion of my closet over each season.  It just keeps things less cluttered, which is the point of getting organized!

Category 4:  Keep

This is where you get to hang on to all of those things that you KNOW you will use!  Your favorite lipstick or sweater.  Those things get prime real estate in whatever you are cleaning out!

Step 3:  Divide It AGAIN?

Yes!  This is another Divide step, but just for your keep pile.  If you are organizing your closet, your keep pile may turn into many piles such as:  sweaters, sweatshirts, nice shirts, casual shirts, pants, scarfs, shoes, and button downs.

If you are organizing a makeup drawer, your new piles may be lip makeup, eye makeup, face makeup, makeup brushes…  you get the idea.

This extra division will help you in the next step.

Step 4:  Visualization…for Ultimate Accessibility

No, you were not just transported in to a YOGA BLOG!  This visualization is for Getting Organized!

This is the part where you actually start to make things work for you.  This section is all about truly putting some serious thought into how you want the space to function for you.  And then making it work.

Visualize the space that you just emptied out.  Think of the categories that you just divided your keep pile into. Say you are visualizing your closet… What do you use most often?  Would you rather fold your sweaters or hang them?  Do you need some shelves in the closet?  Would it be better to use this space for something completely different then you have been?

If it is your drawer…same concept.  What do you use most often.  Maybe your favorite lip gloss, mascara, and powder are the things you wear most so you want them to be the easiest to get to.

Making things accessible is incredibly important since it is the one thing that will wind up saving you time in the end.  If you wear t-shirts and sweat pants every day, don’t put them in the back of the closet or in a bottom drawer.  Keep the things you love and use often close.  That way when it is time to throw on your clothes, on that ONE morning that everyone slept in, and then you realize that little Jimmy has a doctor’s appointment in 30 minutes across town!!  You can get to the things you need quickly and easily.

Hopefully you won’t be quite as late as you would have been surprised!

Step 5:  Finally! Put It All Away

That’s right, it is time to put it all away!  But this time when you put it back in the drawer or the closet you will notice three things.  First, how much less stuff you have…which is alwaysfantastic feeling!  Second, how nice and neat everything looks.  And third, how relieved and happy you feel!

Pat yourself on the back!  You did it!  It was a big job, but look how incredible it looks now!  Look how incredibly FUNCTIONAL it is now!

So make sure you get moving on the next part of your house!  If you break it up into small tasks, like a drawer at a time, before you know it your whole house will be ORGANIZED!!

Thanks for getting organized with me!

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