35 Ways – How To Be A Productive Stay At Home Mom

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How many hours do you think you spend on social media, watching TikTok videos, and just plain procrastinating whenever you get a little time to yourself? Stop wasting time and learn how to be a productive stay at home mom with these tips.

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One of the best things about being a stay at home mom is that you are able to get TON of things done…right?

I don’t know about you, but my early days staying home with my kids were kind of a blur. Being sooo tired and mentally drained every day made getting things done a huge hurtle.

I seriously tried. I knew there was a lot to do around the house but I had so much floating around in my head that I couldn’t figure out what to do first.

Things kept piling up. . . laundry, dishes, cleaning. And I became more and more depressed by it.

That’s kind of funny right? I mean I was a stay at home mom who had an entire day to play with her kids, and enjoy every second of her day.

But truth is, I didn’t enjoy most of it. I loved being with my kids and experiencing their lives every day. But I was overwhelmed by housework, sleep-deprivation, and feeling like I wasn’t getting things done that needed to get done.

What I realized was that I needed a plan to get me where I needed to go. . .which was in the direction of doing more important things than watching YouTube videos on how to get organized.

I needed to actually GET organized. So I started to learn some tips about how to be more productive as a stay at home mom.

>>PRO TIP:  When I don’t know how to do something, I make sure I learn. That is why I recommend this online organization class.  From one mom to another, it is worth it to get organized so you can stay productive at home.

35 tips to get more done in a day for moms through planners and time management to increase productivity. #tips #planner #printables ##stayathomemoms #productivity #inaday #timemanagement #organization

How To Be A Productive Stay At Home Mom

35 tips to get more done in a day for moms through planners and time management to increase productivity. #tips #planner #printables ##stayathomemoms #productivity #inaday #timemanagement #organization

1// Set Big Goals

Create a plan for your year, month, week, and day.  In order to be a productive mom, you need to plan with purpose. When you do, and you take the necessary steps to complete these plans, you will feel more productive than ever!

When you feel productive, you will want to do more things that challenge you and empower you.

2// Buy An AWESOME Planner

I am talking about a planner that really helps you make your dreams and ideas a reality. One that breaks things down for you and then keeps you on track because it is general and detailed all at once.

I use the Day Designer and it is the best planner I have ever used.

But you can find the one that works best for you by reading my review of the 12 of the best planners for moms in the related post below.

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3// Streamline Tasks To Be More Productive

Part of learning how to be more productive at home, is to figure out what you can streamline.

Tasks that you find your self doing every day or more than once a day can usually be streamlined so you can be a more productive mom.

For example, when I was making lunches every day, for two kids it was awful.  Especially when I would forget to do it the night before and have to do it in the morning before school.

I hated packing lunches because it was a big task with lots of tedious little tasks woven in between.  Plus, I was doing the same thing every single day…which I absolutely hate! 

In order to streamline the process of packing lunches, I started doing all the prep work on Sundays. 

I now cut all the bread that I need in half and take the crust off, then I put it back in the bread bag so it doesn’t get dried out in the fridge.

I pre – cut and pre-pack all of the fruits, veggies, and chips.  Then I count out, and put aside, the “sweet” that each child wants for the week. 

That way, each night all I have to do is grab the bread, add the meat or PB&J, throw everything else in the lunch box, and I am done. 

I have also assigned tasks to my kids that help. Which is point number 5 below.

5// Make Your Kids Help Out

Part of learning how to be a more productive stay at home mom, is learning how to use your resources wisely, and delegate. Depending on the age of your kids, there are definitely tasks they can help with. 

For my own kids, one of the things that saves me the most time is having them empty their book bags and prepare a few things for the next day, every day when they get home from school. 

For instance, they empty all of the papers I need to see and lay them on the kitchen island for me.  Then they empty their lunch boxes, put the containers in the dishwasher, and refill their water bottles. 

Between me doing pre-packing on Sundays and the kids emptying their lunchboxes and filling their waters every day, I can now pack lunches every night in less than 5 minutes. 

Tips to Stop Wasting Time for Stay At Home Moms

6// Wake Up Earlier

If you can manage it…get up before your kids.  This gives you a little time to set the mood for your day.  Listen to a podcast, do a bible study, read a great book, and drink some coffee if you want to have a relaxing day. Or start the day off with some cleaning or exercise if you want to have a productive day!

7// Brain Dump Every Day

When you have loads of worries and thoughts floating around in your head… every single day… it is almost impossible to make sense of them.

It is like trying to catch clouds. You know they are there, but you can’t seem to grasp anything when you try.

A brain dump gives those clouds substance so you can actually grasp what needs to be done.

When your thoughts are written down, you can actually work with them. Prioritize those thoughts and make a plan of action that makes the most sense for your day.

8// Track Your Time

Track the time you spend doing things for a week and then see where you can make things better. You may find that you are spending 20 minutes trying to get out the door because you can’t find shoes, coats or anything else you need because they are scattered around the house.

Identifying what is slowing you down and creating a plan to make it work better for you and your family is essential to becoming more productive as a stay at home mom, or any mom for that matter.

Tips to Stop Wasting Time for Stay At Home Moms

9// Prioritize Your To-Do List

Make a list of the things you ABSOLUTELY have to get done THAT DAY and DO THEM FIRST!

After that Brain dump, make sure you identify the 3 most important tasks of your day and place them at the very top of your to-do list.

10// Know When To Say NO!

As moms we like to say yes to everything!  PTO meetings, playgroups, lunch dates, watching other people’s kids. 

Sometimes, we just have to say no to things.  And guess what!  That is OKAY!  Take care of yourself first and everything else will fall into place.

Tips to Stop Wasting Time for Stay At Home Moms

11// Have A Morning Mantra

A morning mantra can really help you center yourself around what is important to you and what you need to get done.

We talked about listening to a podcast, but it is also nice to have a quick phrase that really resonates with you and empowers you. Then you can use it whenever you are feeling inadequate, unproductive, sad, or trapped.

Something like:

“I am AWESOME and can handle this!” “

“I am Grateful for my life and everything in it.”

“One day my kids will be better adults because of what I am teaching them.”

A mantra doesn’t have to just be said in the morning either. Use it whenever you feel like you need a personal boost.

12// Work When You Have Energy

Make sure you do the things you want to get done the most in the mornings when you have the most energy.  For me, that is exercising and cleaning.  I need energy for that, so I get it done early and rest later…yea right!  I never rest! I have kids!

13// Create Smaller Tasks

If you have a big project to finish, break it into smaller tasks that are easier and faster to get done. Then spread them out over a realistic timeline.

14// Set Dates And Stick To Them

As a mom, it is so easy for us to fall into the mindset that we always have tomorrow. Because lets face it, when you stay home, you pretty much do the same thing every day at home.

But that is how we fall into the counterproductive that reeks havoc on our homes and mental state.

For those big projects, make sure you set a date to have the project finished. Working backward from how long it will take you to complete each smaller task will help you create a realistic timeline.

15// Multi-Tasking Is Bad!

Don’t try to “multi-task”. Multi-tasking is an impossible thing for the human brain to do.  Focus on one thing to give it the attention it needs.  Finish it and move on to the next task.

16// Use Your “Cooking” Times

Using your “cooking times” means that you can actually do different tasks while something is “Cooking”.

I do not want you to confuse this with multi-tasking. Multi-tasking implies that you are physically or mentally trying to do two things at one time. Like typing and cooking. NOT POSSIBLE!

Using your “cooking time” is actually using your time wisely. If you know your child needs a bath and he likes to play for 20 minutes, then take the laundry in with you and fold it. Or clean the toilet while you are in there or wipe down the countertops. You have to be in there anyway, so use that time wisely while your child is “contained and entertained”.

You can also use this in reality. If your cookies are baking for the next 15 minutes, try to identify a quick task you can get done in that time. Like wiping down the counters or putting away dishes.

I am building a Facebook Group if you are interested in seeing what others are doing in our 5 Minute Friday Organization Challenge. The challenges will begin February 27th, just in time for Spring Cleaning!

We have 4 other challenges throughout the week too to get you organized and gain inspiration from others.

If you are interested in signing up, please sign up to get my newsletters and I will let you know when the group opens to new members!

Knowing how to manage your tasks efficiently due to their “cooking times” allows you to get more done. You don’t want to do nothing for 45 minutes while that laundry is washing. What a waste of time.

Tips to Stop Wasting Time for Stay At Home Moms



17// Become Accountable

Hold yourself accountable by going back over your to-do list at the end of the day and making sure you got your most important items done.  If you didn’t get everything done, put finishing that project at the top of your list on the next day.

Another great way to get things done is to find a friend for accountability. If you challenge each other to do certain tasks and hold each other accountable, then you will get more done. That is why my Facebook group is so awesome! It holds us all accountable to get things done!

18// Record What Works so you can do more of it

This is pretty self-explanatory. If it works, do it more often.

19// Work When You Work Your Best

Figure out when you work best and use that time to get the most done.

20// Always Take Breaks

Remember to take breaks from your tasks so you don’t burn yourself out. Work for a little while, then stop and do something completely different for 5-10 minutes to get your mind off of it.

Tips to Stop Wasting Time for Stay At Home Moms




21// Exercise Routinely

Make one of your breaks an exercise break to get your blood flowing.  Did you know, that when you have more muscle and less fat on your body, you will have a higher metabolism which is what fuels your energy?

So exercising your body can make you more productive by giving you more energy.

22// Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods is along the same lines as exercising. Your brain and body will work better if you eat things that fuel them. Stay as healthy as possible.

23// Get Plenty Of Sleep

Make sure you find a way to get enough sleep to power your body and brain energy. I have a great article about sleep and how it is affected by stress and disorganization called 11 Tips for Sleep Deprived Moms That Really Work.

24// Stop Waiting Around

I stole this from Robin Sharma because when I read it, it really resonated with me as a woman. I feel like a lot of women wait for the perfect moment to start something. So here is what he says…

“Stop waiting for perfect conditions to launch a great project. Immediate action fuels a positive feedback loop that drives even more action.”

25// Declutter

Declutter your home, office, or life.  Stress is created by the mess that surrounds us, so get rid of clutter in your life for more productivity.

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26// Batching

Batching is actually a productivity tip that I learned from blogging. If I have 5 graphics I need to make, I do them all at once so I am not changing pace, ideas, etc.

Batching is also great for a mom. For instance, if I need to run to the grocery, the bank, and the drugstore one week, I do them all the same day. I don’t spread them out and try to do one a day.

WHY? Because I don’t want to load up my kids and drive around every single day running errands and listening to them whine about it. One day is enough of that!

27// Stop Doing Pointless Things

Make a list of all of the things that make no difference in your day and STOP doing them.  Even if it works for everyone else, it may not work for you! 

This also applies to how to stop wasting time online, on your phone, on YouTube, or on any other time sucking thing.

28// Educate Yourself

If you are going to spend time online, make it count by researching additional ways to make yourself more productive.

Educate yourself on ways that effective and successful people do things to be productive. People like Steve Jobs.

Tips to Stop Wasting Time for Stay At Home Moms




29// Only “Social”ize At Certain Times Of Day

This is how you stop wasting time online each day.  First, set a specific time of day to get on social media.  Then keep your phone or computer in a different area of the house until your chosen time to “social”ize. Social medial sites are huge time drains because you just get sucked in.  Before you know it, you have lost an hour or more of your day.

30// Stay Away At Prime Times

Go places when they are the LEAST busy.  Why would you go to Target at 5 pm when you know every working mom just got off work and ran to Target to get her errands done. 

As a SAHM, you have the luxury to plan your day around the crowded times.  Go to Target first thing in the morning when there are not many people and you get through the lines quickly.

If you go out for lunch, try to get there before the work crowd…around 11:30 am usually works well to get in and out before everyone else gets there.

31// Visualization

Spend time visualizing what you want to accomplish and see yourself achieving it.  Visualizing yourself complete a project that you have been trying to finish will actually help you finish it.

32// Spend Some Time Daydreaming

Your brain needs breaks.  Sometimes we just need to imagine ourselves on the beach with a nice umbrella drink in hand for 5-10 minutes. 

When you do this, it is like giving your brain a a mini vacation so that way, when it is time to get down to business and do some work again, your brain is ready to go.

Tips to Stop Wasting Time for Stay At Home Moms




33// Book A Vacation

Vacations are required for most people who work full-time jobs.  Statistics show that when people take vacations, they are more productive when they return. 

Guess what mamas!  Stay at home mom is your JOB title.  You need vacations too!  So make sure you schedule time when you are COMPLETELY out of your normal job element so you don’t get burned out.

Tips to Stop Wasting Time for Stay At Home Moms




34// Find Someone To Help You

Family and friends…because it takes a village… and if they have kids they know that.  So find your village so they can help you when you need it.

35// Find A Great Podcast

Podcasts are great for finding the motivation to be the person you want to be. You can listen to the speaker while you do tasks where you don ‘t have to think.  Like laundry, dishes, or vacuuming.

Where to find the time?

Every post I write is dedicated to finding you more time in your day, month, life…whatever …to be a BETTER mom. A mom that you are proud of being. A life that allows time to find happiness for yourself, not just your family.

When I finally started to implement a better strategy for productivity into my life I started to FEEL better!

I never expected it, I was just trying to solve a problem in my life. But the truth is, it snowballed into so much more.

Since I implemented these changes, I have started a blog, I make time for myself and my husband, my house is clean and clutter free (most of the time!), and I ulitmately feel like a whole new person.

I have energy, a clearer mind, and more laughter and fun in my life.

All of those things I listed are things I have realized I was missing in my life as a stay at home mom. I also realized that they are so so sooo essential for life as a stay at home mom or any mom for that matter!

A mom who is keeping up with kids, making up songs about going potty and creatively finding solutions to your everyday situations.

So from one mom to another…please…if you are feeling less than empowered in your life, try some of the tips I give below to stop wasting your time while you are home with your kids.

Your kids are only little once, so enjoy every minute.

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I hope this article gets you motivated to do AWESOME things in your life!

Thanks for hanging out with me!

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