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Daily routine Afternoon Relaxation

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Top 10 Kids Activity Tips That Will Save Your Sanity

One of the number one reasons people don’t do crafts and activities with their kids is because of how much work it is to clean up afterward.

Moms are tired.

You are overwhelmed by the amount of work you do in your home.

You are not interested in doing more work than you have to.

So bringing out activities for your kids that you know will create a bigger mess… not your idea of a good time.

But…what happens when you have all this work to do around the house and your kids need something to do? You know, so they are not under your feet while you do laundry or mop the floor?

Do you plop them down in front of the TV?

Or maybe you hand them your phone or the IPAD?

Either way, how many hours are they spending in front of electronics so you can get your work done?

The max amount of time your kids spend on electronics should be 2 hours!

I get it, I am guilty too. Whenever my back would flare-up, the easiest thing for me to do would be to turn on the TV for my kids to watch.

But over time, I just felt so guilty. I know they love electronics, but I didn’t love them using them all the time.

So I came up with some ways that they could do hands-on activities without creating more work for me. I call it …

Top 10 Kids Activity Tips to Save Your Sanity

These tips saved my sanity when my kids were young and wanted so badly to play instead of watch TV.

I couldn’t stand for very long or do a lot of cleaning up when my back was out, so these tips really did save my sanity and I used them all the time.

They allowed for less laundry, fewer messes to clean up, fewer trips to the store, and less hands-on help from me.

And all of that… resulted in MORE time for me to recover and also get things done around the house.

If you are ready to make your life easier! Then sign up for this list NOW!

Daily routine Afternoon Relaxation

Grab Your Copy of …

Top 10 Kids Activity Tips That Will Save Your Sanity

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