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Toys and Games That Can Be Delivered To Your Doorstep!

I am writing this for all those moms that I keep seeing on Facebook.  The ones who are not used to being home with their kids and are about to go CRAZY!   From one mom to another…I want to help you, so let me… You need things your kids can do fairly independently.  That way they can play while you get your own work done.  So I put together this list from Amazon!  Why Amazon?…because your items can be on your doorstep in 3 DAYS!

I am an Amazon Affiliate and there are affiliate links on this page.  You can read more in my Privacy and Disclosure Statement.

Fun Art Supplies

Art Supplies are a must while the kids are home!  Make sure you have plenty of paper, paint brushes, paint and activities to do for a while!

Fun Games

Fun games will keep your kids busy and off their electronics.

Fun Toys

Toys are great for Free Play Time so your kids spend time using their imagination.

Thank you for reading this post and I truly hope it helps you deal with your kids being stuck in the house for the next few weeks!




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