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40 Indoor Boredom Busters

Don't loose your mind when stuck inside!

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~This Activity Book Includes~

40 INDOOR ACTIVITIES for your school aged kids!

All activities use materials around your home or items you can buy very inexpensively.

Hours of fun for your kids while they are stuck inside during cold weather, rainy days, or school breaks.

~ and plenty of activites for 4 weeks of Coronavirus isolation A.K.A Social Distancing~

Why I Created This Product:

As a stay at home mom, I don’t have the money to take my kids places every time it rains or is cold and they cannot get outside.

So I created a list of activities that my kids could do inside on bad weather days instead of being on electronics.

Since I already had the list of activities on hand, I already knew what supplies I would need and had them in stock at all times.

~~And now Coronavirus has us all stuck in our houses!


What will this product do for you?​

  • You Will have activities on hand whenever you are stuck inside with the kids.
  • You will not have to run to the store to get materials for the activities.
  • Your kids will not be in front of the TV or IPAD all day.
  • You will be the fun mom during a stressful situation.
  • You will be confident that you have something for your kids to do that is affordable.

Convenient For Moms

You don't have to browse online when you don't have the time.

Engaging Kids Minds

Engages kids minds allowing kids to do hands-on activities instead of electronics.

Cost Effective

Materials are easy to find around your house or buy very cheaply.

for kids of all ages

There are alternatives for many of the activities so older kids can also participate.

Frequently asked questions

You’re absolutely right, you can.  But how many times do you find an activity that looks great and then come to find out you would have to make an extra trip to the store for materials.  This activity book allows you to put the materials you may need on the grocery or Target run list for the week and already have them on hand.

 I agree that sometimes electronics can be a mom’s best friend when you have a lot to do.  But this book will give your kids something to do that engages their mind, motor skills, and more!

This book was designed for stay at home moms who are dealing with just one income and trying to find budget friendly activities for their kids.  The price is $15, but the activities inside all use materials you can find around your house or are very cheap and easy to get. 

All of the pages are created for kids who are school-aged but many of the activities are also good for kids who are in preschool.  Many of the activities in the book will have alternative suggestions in order to fit the older or younger kids.

 This book is not just crafts.  It also has games they can play.  And it has alternatives to many of the activities that are geared toward the older kids.

 The Ultimate Indoor Activity Book was created to be an indoor activity book that can be used for any season.  During the school season, it can be used when your kids are off on holiday breaks or other breaks in order to keep them from using electronics all day.  During the summer, this book is great for rainy day activities.

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What moms are saying

" I looked at this activity book with my 4 and 6 year old daughter. All of the projects inside this book are so great for indoor activities to keep your kids busy on those snowy, rainy or extremely hot days. This is such a great resource for fun ideas for all children and I definitely suggest it!”
"I love those ideas! A lot of the things that were listed we already have at home so it is super convenient and leaves for us to be creative! I’m planning to do the guitar tonight since we have empty cereal boxes here! Can’t wait! Thank you soooo much!
"All of the activities seemed to be age appropriate and were well thought out and executed well in the creation of the guide."

Currently 25% Off!  TODAY ONLY!

40 Indoor Boredom Busters

Don't loose your mind when stuck inside!

Regular Price %15