Why Start A Blog?

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Blogging means something different for every person.  For me, starting a blog began as a money making idea.  I am a stay at home mom and have been living on one income for 12 years!  My kids have both started school full day, so I am home with my dog all day.

Getting a job outside the home is not really an option for me because I have so many back problems.  So I started wondering what I was going to do with all of this time I had.

I mean I obviously have bigger dreams than just being a housewife and mom.  I went to college and got a bachelor’s degree, I worked at a children’s hospital for 5 years making a difference.  So yes, I want to do something to make some money and make a difference in the world.  But at the same time, I don’t want to be out of the house in the summers or during the holidays when my kids are home.  That is when I decided that working out of the home was not an option for me.

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What I looked into before starting a blog…

I researched a lot of different options to make money from home.  Virtual Assistant, dog walker, in-home daycare, plant waterer, caterer, author.  But after all of that research, I decided that starting a blog was the best idea.  I believed that it had the most versatility and ability to make it whatever I wanted it to be.

In a million years, I never thought I would love to write, but I can honestly say that I love it now that I do it every day.  I like that it is mine, that I don’t have a boss other than myself, that I can make money but still be with my family.  As a biologist, I never thought I was very creative.  But blogging, creating Pinterest posts, choosing feature images, and images for social media brings out creativity that I never realized I had.

Blogging has become therapeutic for me.  Sitting down and writing all of the things that are rumbling around in my head is cathartic.  I may not post them all right away, but at some point, I feel like I will post all of those ideas.   This helps me work through things in my life and sleep easier at night.

Blogging has opened me up and allowed me to be more comfortable with myself.  It has changed me for the better, allowing me to venture into things I never thought I would.  Now I put myself out there for the public to see, and truly find confidence in myself and who I am.

Why You Should Start a Blog…

As I said, everyone starts a blog for a different reason, but here are some of the major reason that you could start a blog.

  • Make money while you stay at home (this is why I started one!).
  • Create more traffic to a site or business that you already own.
  • Sell a product or craft that you make.
  • Raise awareness for a cause or issue.
  • Make change happen, start a movement toward change.
  • Help people with problems they are having.
  • Personal outlet.

Now, I started my blog to make money from home, so that is what I am going to focus on in this post.  But there are tons of posts out there you can read to find out more about some of the other reasons to start a blog.

Benefits of blogging for money from home…

If you start a blog to make money from home, the sky is the limit for what you can do with it.  There are people everywhere looking for ideas about how to live their lives better and learn new ways to do things.

You could start a blog about how to help people learn to sew, or you could start a blog about having a marble collection.  Trust me, with millions and millions of people in the world, you would have a following if you can get your content out onto the web.

But the benefits of starting a blog go way beyond just making money from it.

When you start a blog to make money, it is your own business.  So you get lots of perks.

You get to be your own boss!

Score!  No more listening to everyone else’s ideas about how to do your job or where the company will go in the future.  Now it is all up to you!  You get to make the decisions about content, graphics, where to market.  It is all up to you and you can do it any way that you want to!

Set your own schedule!

No more working 9-5.  No more having to work weekends or evenings.  You decided when you will work.  And you decided when to spend time with your family.

Creative outlet!

I don’t know about you, but I constantly have ideas in my head.  Ideas about products I can invent, ways to help people, how to do things better!  So blogging is my creative outlet!  It allows me to come up with my own ideas and implement them.  I get to see the creative process through from beginning to end and it is so fulfilling.

Not only that but if you love any aspect of the blogging process then that is a great creative outlet.  Whether it is writing, graphic design for social media, marketing ideas.  They are all utilized when you start a blog to make money from home.

Low startup fees!

If you were to start a business with an actual brick and mortar store, you would be spending SO MUCH MONEY!  Loans for buildings and staff is just not the way to start up anymore.

You can start a blog for less than $4 per month!  That’s it!  Not thousands of dollars!  Just $4 per month.  Once you start your blog, you can create a store right there on your site to sell things.  No storefront, no loans.  Just a website.


As a stay at home mom, this part of starting a blog was absolutely the most rewarding for me.  When you are a stay at home mom, you essentially give your life of dreams and aspirations up to create the life for your family that you want.  I did that for 12 years!!!  I was ready (SO READY!) to have something that was mine again!

When you start a blog, you own it.  It is your blog and nobody but you can take it away!

Make Money!

And yes, making money when you start a blog to make money from home is obviously a major perk!  You can make money in the beginning through advertisements and then move into affiliate marketing once you establish your readers and what they want from you.

Where to start!

So now you may be thinking that starting a blog sounds horrible and it is not for you!  If that is the case, I hope you find that way to make money that works for you and sorry blogging wasn’t right.

BUT!!! you may be thinking… this is AWESOME!  How do I get started!

Before we get started, I just want to share a few things that you may need to start a blog.

  1. A computer with internet access is a must.
  2. Time to actually write and create content for social media.  In all honesty, because you are making your own schedule, in the beginning, this can be just a little bit of time.  If you have little ones at home with you, you may only be able to work on it for a few hours a day while they nap.  But once they go to school you will have put something in place that can be built upon and possibly create even more revenue for you when you can put in more time.
  3. Certain personality traits are very necessary.  You must be a self-starter for sure, resilient (because there will be setbacks), have perseverance (because while blogging is great, it is not always easy), have a vision for where you want to go with your blog, and be goal oriented to get things done.

Thanks for reading!