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Free 20 Minute Virtual Organization Consultation call to discuss your needs and give you some quick and easy tips and ideas to make your space more organized.

Time: 20 Minute Discovery Call

Price: FREE

Small Room Virtual Organization Package


This package was created for a person wanting better organization in a small closet, pantry, cupboard, set of cabinets, or set of drawers.  General dimensions of a small room are considered 3′ W x 2′ D x 9′ H or less.  Or less than 6 square feet. 

The package includes:

Price: $40

Medium Room Virtual Organization Package


This package was created for a person wanting organization in a medium sized room.  A medium room would qualify as a half-bath, powder room, laundry room, mudroom, or entryway.  A medium room dimensions are considered around  6′ W X 7′ L X 9′ H. Or between 6 – 42 sq. feet.

The package includes:

Price: $75

Large Room Virtual Organization Package


This package was created for a person  wanting to organize a large sized room.  A large room would qualify as a kitchen, bedroom, walk in closet, playroom, dining room, or living room.  I do not organize basements, attics, or garages due to the immense amount of “hands on” work needed for the project that I cannot provide during a virtual session.   A large room is considered 22′ L x 22′ W x 9 ‘ H or less.  Or between between 42 – 484 square feet.feet.

The package includes:

Price: $120

What you should know about Virtual Organizing:

Virtual organizing is a unique way to help homeowners organize during pandemic situations or when there are no professional organizers available in their area.  It is good to understand going into a virtual organizing scenario, that you will be doing the work of lifting, moving, and sorting items in your space.  Therefore you must be both willing and able to do the work.

In small spaces like closets, you may be able to do the work on your own, but in larger spaces like a kitchen you may need help.  Also keep in mind that I will be giving you tasks to do and you will be responsible for completing these tasks in order for the project area to be completely organized at the end of our package session.  I will give product suggestions ONLY when and where I think a product would be useful.  There is no requirement for you to buy the suggested products, but if I suggest them, then know that they will benefit your space.

I will create a project agreement that must be signed off on so we are in agreement of the steps needed to proceed.

If you are not satisfied with the end results, please contact me so we can re-address your Project Agreement and see if we can identify what went wrong.