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Get More Done! 35 Tips for you

Having more time in your day is one thing you would give anything for!  Am I right?  Read about 35 ways you can actually get more done and free up time in your day for the important things like family meals and family fun!

Calendar planner for daily routines. #daily #routine #momlife

Daily Routine Ideas for Moms

Do you have a daily routine?  If not, start having more productive days by creating one.  Read this post for some great routine ideas and a guide for getting you started creating your own.

85 Free Kid Activities!

Don’t you just love staying home with your kids!  Until they start telling you they are bored!  Am I right?  Grab this FREE list of activities for your kids to do! 


Red White and Blue Salad

"Kitchen organization allows you to create a space
to gather with family, friends and great food."
Julie Hazard
Kitchen Blogger

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