10 Things Parents Should Never Say To Their Kids

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Things to never do if you Want Your Kids To Trust You and Know You Love Them

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1// Don’t admonish

When your child comes to you with a problem, do not immediately scold them for making a bad decision.

2// Don’t tease

Don’t make light of a situation that is serious to your child.  You may have already lived it but this is their first time and it is a big deal to them.  Remember that school is their world and the things that happen there…even though the may not matter in the rest of their life, matter to them right now.

3// Don’t embarrass

Don’t talk about it in front of other people

Don’t discuss their “issues” with other people

4// Don’t diminish 

Their problems may seem small to you, but they are important to them.  You need to take them seriously.

5// Don’t lie

Don’t lie to your child.  If you tell them you will do something do it.

Don’t lie to others in front of your child.  It makes them think you may also lie to them.

Never Say

6// Don’t scold when they tell you the truth

When your child comes to you after making a poor decision, do not punish them for it.  Because they will never come to you again.

7// Don’t invade their privacy

Without them knowing that it is part of your job as a parent ahead of time

8// Don’t instill fear

Never scare your child into submission

Don’t play the “I’m the boss” card

In order for your child to trust you, your relationship must be on a level playing ground.

***This does not apply with life threatening situations.

Allow them to make their own decisions, learn from the consequences and talk to you about them

9// Don’t put them down

Telling someone they are stupid for making a decision will never make them able to trust you.

10// Don’t hold a grudge

It is unhealthy for you and your child