53 Super Useful Gift Ideas Every Neat Freak Needs To Have

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Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite neat freak?  Let me help you with some ideas of my own favorite cleaning and organizing products.  Whether you are buying for Christmas, a house warming, or even a birthday, these gift ideas will knock the socks off your clean friend, wife, sister, husband…or whatever clean freak you are buying for.

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As somewhat of a neat freak myself, there are plenty of things I use on a daily basis that I would recommend to another neat freak. So if you have a seriously organized friend or just a friend who loves to keep things clean, then these gift recommendations will really make their day.

Best Gifts For Neat Freaks

I am suggesting these items because as a neat freak…and clean freak myself, they are all gifts I would love to receive. Therefore, I would most definitely gift them to the other people in my life that love cleaning and organizing gifts.

1//  Dry Erase Framed Planner

weekly calendar dry erase board

This dry erase weekly planning board will have neat freaks rejoicing! Not only does it feed your favorite neat freak’s need to be organized, but it also creates some nice home decor. Having everyone in the family knowing what the weekly schedule is will help your organized friend keep up with all things throughout the week, and they will have you to thank!

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2//  Bissell Cleanview Vacuum

Bissell Cleanview Vacuum cleaner

Gifts for clean freaks are a thing too! And any clean freak knows that a clean home is a happy home. One of the best ways to clean your home is with a great vacuum like this Bissell Cleanview .

I personally have an older version of this one and I love it. If you take care of it by regularly cleaning out the tank that collects the dirt, it will last a long time. This vacuum is bagless and swivels in any direction, making it super easy to use. The powerful suction of this vacuum cleaner leaves your room feeling cleaner…and you can literally see all the dirt you collected! This is one of the best clean gifts you can give!

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3// Cricut

cricut explore 3 smart cutting machine gift for a neat freak

Any true neat freak loves anything that has to do with organization. And since they want things to look a particular way in their home, what a better gift than a vinyl cutting machine. With this Cricut cutting machine, any organization freak can create and cut their very own labels (and yes, I just italicized that because I totally geeked out over it!) that are both water proof and removable.

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4//  Bissell Green Portable Carpet Cleaner

Bissell little green portable carpet cleaner

One of the very best gifts for clean freaks who have kids or pets is this Bissell Portable Steam Cleaner is a small portable carpet cleaner that can get spots out of carpet or upholstery. As a clean freak myself, knowing that I don’t have to get the gigantic steam cleaner out of the closet and mess with the water tank makes me love this tiny carpet cleaner even more! Do you think your friend the neat freak would feel the same? I am willing to bet they would.

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5//  Cute Doormat

doormat leave shoes here

Does your friend the neat freak like to make sure her home stays clean even if she has people over? Then this welcome mat is perfect for them. Without having to say a word to their guests, the guests will know that they need to remove their shoes to enter. That way the host keeps a clean and germ free home.

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6//  Personalized Night Stand Phone Dock

A personalized docking station would be a fantastic gift for someone who likes to have a place for everything. With this nightstand dock, there is a place for just about everything one carries around with them. From their wallet to their sunglasses to their cell phone.

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7//  Portable Car Vacuum

Worx Car Vacuum Cleaner

I just have to say YAAAAAAASSSSSSS! to this portable car vacuum! Being a neat freak with kids is super hard! Especially in the car where there are crushed crackers and wrappers everywhere from having littles in the backseat. And then having a dog in the car on top of it! A portable car vacuum is a MUST for anyone who drives with kids or dogs! Whether they are a neat freak or not!

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8//  Engraved Wooden Recipe Box

While you may think paper recipes are a thing of the past with things like Pinterest and Evernote, you are wrong. Because there are some recipes we still get from our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends that are more personal than an electronic file. This recipe box that is personalized is a fantastic gift for anyone who has cherished recipes from family and friends.

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9//  Cricut Tool and Blade Organizer

Do you know someone near and dear to you that absolutely loves to use their Cricut machine? Then they could probably use a container to hold all of their Cricut tools. This Cricut Tool and Blade organizer is created specifically to hold all of the utensils needed for the Cricut Machine. And because they are organized, this organizer is ideal for a neat freak.

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10//  Joseph Joseph Cutting Boards Set

Joseph Joseph plastic cutting boards set

Being a neat freak myself (and also a Biologist), I am well aware of the dangers of cross contamination on my cutting boards. Joseph and Joseph makes things easy! They have an entire organization system that keeps your cutting boards stored by category and color! No more worry about contaminating your fruit with salmonella from your chicken. These cutting boards have got you covered!

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11//  Tea Organizer Box

tea organizer with tea cup and honey wand

If you know someone who is an avid tea drinker and also a neat freak, then this tea organizer may be just what they want! As a tea drinker myself, I have loads of different tea that I have on hand at all times. And since I have so much tea, I keep it all in a nice organized little box so I know exactly where it is at all times. Not only that, but my kids are actually tea drinkers, and they can easily find the tea they love just by looking in the tea organizer. So a tea organizer box is ideal for anyone who loves tea.

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Here are a few Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

1//  Gratitude Journal

tan and pink gratitude journal

2// Wooden Cord and Cable Organizer


3// Bullet Journal

4// Fabric Cord Ties For The Family

colorful fabric cord ties in bowl

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5// A Great Grill Scraper

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6// Mini Heart Note Cards

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7// Pretty Bathroom Storage Jars

four bathroom storage jars that are labeled

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35// Magnetic Knife Holder

wooden magnetic knife holder holding 7 knives of various sizes

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36// Dry Erase Meal Planer

meal planner on a refrigerator

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Best Gifts For Neat Freaks

Finding the perfect gifts for people who like to clean can be hard if you don’t have that same drive to be neat and clean your self. So I hope you found some great, clean gifts for your neat freak buddies out on this list!

And if you are a neat freak yourself, I would love to hear about a product you absolutely love and can’t live without in the comments below!

Happy shopping!


P.S. – Looking to reference this list of fantastic gift ideas for neat freaks int he future? Make sure you save it to your Pinterest so you can find it whenever you want!

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