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What do you get a neat freak, clean freak, or organization freak?  They like things a certain way, they are particular about everything.  So why not give them a gift they will love.

Here is a list of 53 gift ideas for neat freaks, including stocking stuffers for neat freaks.

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Useful Gift Ideas For Neat Freaks

1//  Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Any neat freak knows that a clean home is a happy home. And one of the best ways to clean your home is with a Dyson. And this Cordless Dyson Vacuum Cleaner is no exception. The powerful suction and cordless feature make this vacuum cleaner better than all the rest. Your favorite neat freak will be happy to clean every floor in her home with this cordless vacuum cleaner.

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2//  Grove Green Home Cleaning Membership

All clean freaks know about Grove and it is one of their favorite places to shop. Grove is a membership site that will ship your favorite clean freak the cleaning supplies she loves each month. So give her the gift she really wants…a year long membership to a perfectly clean home.

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3//  Shoe Storage Rack

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. If you are a parent, you know exactly what I am talking about. It seems like you have 10 pairs of shoes for each person in your home. And they don’t stay put, they accumulate in walk ways and on bedroom floors. And the neat freak you know really tries hard to keep them picked up and organized. What they really need is a shoe storage rack for the space that the shoes pile up. Put one out in the garage, in the mud room, or in the closet closest to the entryway so your neat freak doesn’t have to freak out about all the shoes anymore!

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4//  Woven Laundry Basket Hamper

Add some style to your dirty laundry. Laundry baskets are an essential household item for any neat freak. But nobody wants the cheap ugly laundry hampers that are made from mesh and rip easily. No, any savvy neat freak knows that you can have cleanliness, organization, function, and beauty all at once. So that is why I am recommending these beautiful woven laundry hampers as a gift idea for neat freaks.

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5//  Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

What a better gift idea than a way to help a neat freak stay super organized with a functional piece of furniture. This mirror and jewelry cabinet combo combine the style and function any neat freak will admire.

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6//  Maytag Top Loader Extra Large Capacity Washing Machine

Do you know I have not gotten a new washer and dryer since I got married…probably not some thing you know about me, but it is true. And I would absolutely love a new one! One that holds more clothes now that we have a family and one that has the latest and greatest high tech features! This particular Maytag is one that my mom just got and she absolutely loves it! And I am so jealous. I can honestly say, that if you know a neat freak, clean freak, or organization freak, then a new washer and dryer is a FANTASTIC gift for them!

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7//  Bissell Green Carpet Cleaner

The Bissell Green Carpet Cleaner is a small portable carpet cleaner that can get spots out of carpet or upholstery. As a clean freak myself, knowing that I don’t have to get the gigantic steam cleaner out of the closet and mess with the water tank makes me love this tiny carpet cleaner even more! Do you think your friend the neat freak would feel the same? Probably.

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8//  Eufy Robotic Vacuum

Who doesn’t want a vacuum cleaner that cleans by itself? Seriously, raise your hand if you don’t. And then please come to my home and vacuum for me if you like it so much!

Eufy is a brand that is highly competitive with another high valued brand of robotic vacuum…I am sure you can guess the one I am talking about. 😉 Not only is Eufy getting higher ratings than the other brand, but it is also cheaper. So check it out. It could make somebody’s day!

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9//  Laundry Folding Board

Do you know someone who loves straight lines and crisp folds? Do they spend time making sure each fold is perfect and the stack of clothes line up perfectly? Then a professional style folding board is something they would love. These are the boards they use in every clothing store. Which is why the clothes always look so organized and clean. So give the gift of crisp lines with a folding board.

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10//  Epson Document Scanner

A document scanner is a great way to help someone deal with paper clutter. If your friend the neat freak likes to store things like receipts and other documents on their computer, then a document scanner may be the best gift they get this year!

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11//  Doormat Outside

Maybe your friend the neat freak likes to make sure her home stays clean even if she has people over. Then this welcome mat is perfect for them. Without having to say a word to their guests, the guests will know that they need to remove their shoes to enter. That way the host keeps a clean and germ free home.

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12//  Personalized Night Stand Phone Dock

A personalized docking station would be a fantastic gift for someone who likes to have a place for everything. With this nightstand dock, there is a place for just about everything one carries around with them. From their wallet to their sunglasses to their cell phone.

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13//  Portable Car Vacuum

I just have to say YAAAAAAASSSSSSS! to this! Being a neat freak with kids is super hard! Especially in the car, because everything winds up on the floor. I am talking crumbs…everywhere…all the time! And then having a dog in the car on top of it! A portable car vacuum is a MUST for anyone who drives with kids or dogs!

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14//  White Filing Cabinet

Orange, green, yellow, blue, red…those are the many colors of my filing cabinet! And I absolutely love it. I love having a place to put all of my paper. Some things you can store online, but other things you just can’t. So if you want a great gift for a neat freak, go for the gold with a filing cabinet.

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15//  Engraved Wooden Recipe Box

While you may think paper recipes are a thing of the past with things like Pinterest and Evernote, you are wrong. Because there are some recipes we still get from our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends that are more personal than an electronic file. A recipe box that is personalized is a fantastic gift for anyone who has cherished recipes from family and friends.

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16//  Refrigerator Organizer Bins

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep more things in your refrigerator and still find things easily? Refrigerator organizer bins can help anyone find more storage space in their fridge without making things more jumbled.

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17//  Wooden Modular Drawer Organizers

Know someone with too many items in their drawers? Modular drawer organizers can help with that. Because they are modular (meaning not connected in any way), they are easy to move and design a fit that works for any drawer and any neat freak.

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18//  Cricut Tool and Blade Organizer

Do you know someone near and dear to you that absolutely loves to use their Cricut machine? Then they could probably use a container to hold all of their Cricut tools. This Cricut Tool and Blade organizer is created specifically to hold all of the utensils needed for the Cricut Machine. And because they are organized, this organizer is ideal for a neat freak.

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19//  Wooden Remote Control Holder

Any sentimental neat freak mom would love to have this cute little remote control holder. Completely customizable and decorative, this box would be the perfect function meets decor organization addition to any home.

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20//  Brother Label Maker

I currently have a different brand label maker, and let me tell you, it does not compare to this one. Not only does this Brother Label maker come with a keyboard easy enough to type on, but the letters are organized like they are on a keyboard. Which if you have the label maker I have (which has the keys in alphabetical order), you know is a HUGE benefit! Also, this particular label maker comes with different colors and styles of labels, and comes with 14 different fonts, 97 frames, and 600 symbols! I actually may just go buy one now because I am loving the additional features on this!

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21//  Joseph Joseph Cutting Boards Set

Being a neat freak myself, I am well aware of the dangers of cross contamination on my cutting boards. Joseph and Joseph makes things easy! They have an entire organization system that keeps your cutting boards stored by category and color! No more worry about contaminating your fruit with salmonella from your chicken. Joseph and Joseph cutting boards have got you covered!

>>Click Here To Buy These Cutting Boards

22// Joseph Joseph Nesting Bowls

Joseph and Joseph nesting bowls give you the same great organization system that the cutting boards give you. They stack nicely so you can store them easily. Each one nesting perfectly withing the other. And this set actually comes with and ADDED BONUS! There is a set of measuring cups that also nest perfectly with the bowls! Making your next baking extravaganza quick and easy! Don’t you just love it when a plan ‘nests’ together!

>>Click Here To Buy These Nesting Bowls

23//  Tea Organizer Box

If you know someone who is an avid tea drinker and also a neat freak, then a tea organizer may be just what they want! As a tea drinker myself, I have loads of different tea that I have on hand at all times. And since I have so much tea, I keep it all in a nice organized little box so I know exactly where it is at all times. Not only that, but my kids are actually tea drinkers, and they can easily find the tea they love just by looking in the tea organizer. So a tea organizer box is ideal for anyone who loves tea.

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24// KitchenArt Scrap Trap With Scraper

This scrap trapper is a life saver! If you have never seen one before, you are missing out. And a neat freak will absolutely love this! As you chop, you can immediately scrape your scraps into the bin that is attached to the counter top. This makes clean up a cinch while cutting down on the time it takes you to run to the garbage can every 5 minutes. Time saver and keeping things neat…this is a must!

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Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas For Neat Freaks

25//  Undated Daily Planner

26// Wooden Cord and Cable Organizer


27// Bullet Journal

28// Personalized Leather Earbud Holder

29// A Great Grill Scraper

30// Mini Heart Note Cards

31// Lotus Cotton Swab Holder

32// Digital Luggage Scale

33// Microfiber Cleaning Clothes

34// Keyboard Cleaning Gel

35// Magnetic Knife Holder – Tennessee Whiskey Barrel

36// Dry Erase Meal Planner

37// “I’m Not A Control Freak But You’re Doing It Wrong” Tee

38// “I Have CDO” Mug

39// Coasters With Lemons

40// Hand Sanitizer Spray

I hope you enjoyed this list and find that gift ideas for a neat freak are not as hard to come by as you thought!

And if you are a neat freak yourself, I would love to hear about a product you absolutely love and can’t live without in the comments below!

Happy shopping!


P.S. – Looking to reference this list of fantastic gift ideas for neat freaks int he future? Make sure you save it to your Pinterest so you can find it whenever you want!

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