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Do you need gift ideas?  …for you? (Hehe!) Here is a list of gifts to make mom’s life better!

That’s right, I am talking about gift ideas for you, mom!

My mother-in-law, father-in-law, and parents ask me every year what I would love to have for Christmas, Mother’s Day, and my birthday. 

As a stay at home mom, I don’t buy a lot of things for myself, so instead, I tell people exactly what I want!

Here are some items I have either asked for as gifts in the past and absolutely love, or plan to ask for this year!

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This T-Shirt



Things for my kids to do is a huge help for me. 

I hate being the bad guy and telling them they have to get off electronics.  Especially when they tell me they are bored and don’t know what to do for the next several hours. 

So this year I am asking for a subscription to  



A new service that is being offered by a once stay at home mom is a child meal service. 

If you are anything like me, lunches make me crazy. The kids never know what they want, and I am tired of trying to figure it out. 

With YUMBLE.COM, you can have lunches your kids will actually eat, delivered to your doorstep.


This knife is one of the best gifts I have ever gotten.  It was from my husband back when we first got married…and before we had kids. 

We had no money at the time, so I only got one knife, but to this day, with 2 kids and thousands of cooked at home meals under my belt, this is still by far my favorite Christmas gift I have ever gotten. 

Unfortunately, Racheal Ray does not have my exact knife anymore, but the knife in this set is almost exactly like it.

It has a nice rocking feel to it when you are cutting and chopping that I have never found with any other knife. 

And since I cut and chop constantly, it is important that the knife both cuts well, and feels good in my hand. That is what this fantastic knife does for me.  


I received my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer about 5 years ago and to this day, it is still wonderful. 

I can’t wait to get it out every Christmas to make cookies with the kids. I can make large batches of batter for cakes (I am excited to make a raspberry black forest cake this year!)! 

When I got mine, I got a royal blue color, which I still love, but I really would love to have the Aqua Sky color that is available now!



One thing that I would love to have but have not gotten yet, is a ROOMBA!  How great would it be to be able to push a button and have a machine vacuum your floors for yours!  You can check them out here!


airpods pro

Here is what I can tell you after using my daughters AirPods…They are FANTASTIC!

That’s right, my daughter has a pair but I do not. So next Christmas, guess what I am asking for! 😉






AHH, tickets.  Tickets can have a wide range of uses.  If you love going to plays or concerts, I would suggest asking for tickets to them for Christmas.  OR, what about tickets for vacation?

Maybe you are planning a trip to Disney or Universal. You could ask for tickets for a day to one of the parks.  Or maybe airline tickets for your family.


season pass

With so many things to do around us, it is so great when I get season passes somewhere that is also good for my kids. 

You know that taking your kids on outings is expensive.

So each year, I would ask for a pass to the local amusement park, to the Children’s Museum, and to the zoo.  Those passes were a lifesaver when my kids were young!

Happy Shopping!

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