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Whether it is Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just because, there are plenty of ways to make mom feel special and appreciated. The first thing you should do is know your mom and what she likes…or possibly doesn’t like. Then you will know the ways to make mom feel special.

If you notice her always complaining about doing the dishes, then a great way to say “I love you , mom” may be to do the dishes for a week.

But you also need to know what you are good at. You may be a terrible singer, but a great writer. Putting your feelings into writing for your mom may be the perfect way to show her home much you love and appreciate her every day!

While you are thinking about how to really show your mom you love her, let me give you a few ideas that may help you solve your dilemma.

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Ways To Make Mom Feel Special On Mother’s Day:

1// Clean the house

Any mom who cleans the house up almost every day would love to get a little break from it. Even if it is just for one day. 😉

2// Do Yard Work

Do you sometimes hear your mom complain about having to mow the grass or pull weeds? Then that may be the perfect place for you to step in and do it for her and show her how much you care.

3// Make Up and Tell her jokes that will make her laugh

Laughter is mom’s best medicine. And sometimes we are so busy we have a hard time finding the time to laugh. So a few jokes or a silly song and dance dedicated to her may be just what she needs.

4// Fix something of hers that is broken

You mother may have a necklace that she loves that needs fixed, or maybe there is a hole in her favorite shirt. Take those items to get repaired or better yet, try repairing them yourself.

5// Sing or write her a song

You may or may not be a great composer and singer. But mom’s don’t care about that. If singing is how you relay your feelings, then sing from the rooftops about how much you love your mom.

6// Write her a poem, story, or letter telling how much you love and appreciate her

Maybe you are a great writer, or maybe you mom loves to read. Write something nice or her and slip it into her purse, favorite book, or lunch for the day.

7// Cook any meal for her

Mom’s lives are full of chores. Any that you can do for her will make mom happy.

8// Make your bed and clean your room

Is your room always messy? What a blessed surprise it would be for your mom to walk into your room and find it clean and organized for once!

9// Book her a spa day

Going to the spa for a facial mani/pedi would be a great gift for mom.

10// Make her a card

Tell her all the wonder things you love about her

11// Make her a handmade craft

As long as it is made from the heart, your mother will love the art you make for her.

12// Make her a picture book

Create a picture book on Shutterfly or some other photo website of her with all of the kids through the year.

13// Give her as special day away from the kids

Tell your mom that you will be sure to take of all the things she does every day so that she can go out with her friends for the day.

14// Go on a weekend getaway

Book a weekend trip to a bed and breakfast or somewhere fun.

15// Give her a shopping day with no kids

If you are old enough to watch the younger kids, then be her babysitter for the day so she can go shopping.

16// See a play

Go see a play. 🙂

17// Have brunch together

Make brunch or go out for brunch. Be sure to make lots of fun different food that you normally would not eat. Like quiche and waffles!

18// Book her a massage

Sometimes your mom just needs to relax, so a massage is just what she needs.

19// Take her out to her favorite place for dinner

Not having to cook is a gift in itself. But going to a place that mom loves and doesn’t have to compromise because nobody else likes what she likes…that is priceless!

20// Help her plant spring flowers

Mother’s Day is the day you know you can start planting spring flowers without fear of frost killing them all. Plant some flowers for mom and let her sit and sip a glass of tea instead of helping.

21// Bake her favorite dessert

Many times moms make a lot of sacrifices for their kids. Like making rice krispie treats and cupcakes that the kids like instead of decadent molten lava cake and cheesecake that mom loves. So let mom pick the dessert one night.

22// Say “I Love You Mom!”

Yup. Sometimes just saying “I Love You” is enough.

23// Invite all of her kids over for a meal with mom

Depending on how old all of your mom’s kids are, they may not all be home for Mother’s Day. So try to get everyone together for a meal with mom so that she doesn’t have to plan it.

24// Make her breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is always a gesture of love and appreciation. So let mom sleep in while you make her favorite breakfast.

25// Give her time to herself

Plan a day out with the family…minus mom. Let mom stay home and catch up on something she wants to do, like finishing her book or binge watching her favorite Netflix series by herself.

26// Go on an adventure together

Pick a place or thing that neither of you have ever done and then experience it together. You will create some great memories that way.

27// Give her her favorite flower in her favorite color

If you can find her favorite flower as a plant with roots, that is the way to go because she can plant them and they won’t die. But cut flowers are always a nice gesture as well, letting mom know that you know what she likes.

28// Treat her like a queen for the day

Pamper her with massages, favorite meals, flowers, favorite movies, painting her toenails, cleaning the house, and anything else she wants you to do. Nobody says no to mom for the whole day!

29// Watch a heartwarming Mother’s Day Movie together

Movies your mom may love are ones like Beaches, Steel Magnolias, Freaky Friday, Stepmom, Mother’s Day, and Monster-In-Law.

30// Say Nice Things to her

Instead of writing, singing, drawing, painting, crafting and spending money on your mom, sometimes all she really needs is to hear some kind words from you. Things like “you make great pancakes, mom”, or “I love it when you cut the crust off of my sandwiches” can make mom realize that you notice when she goes the extra mile for you.

31// Paint or Draw Her A Picture

Singing, writing and stand up comedy may not be your thing. Maybe you are an artist. Paint or draw a picture for your mom that you know she will love. By the way, she will love whatever you do because she is your mom.

32// Prepare her a relaxing bath/spa day at home

If buying a spa package for your mother is not an option, then maybe you can create a spa like experience at home for mom.

33// Buy her a gift she will love

Sometimes, you just need or want to buy your mom something nice for Mother’s Day. Below are some suggestions!

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Gift Suggestions for Your Mom this Mother’s Day:

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I truly hope you found some wonderful ways to make mom feel special on this special day!

I would love it if you would share some other ideas of how you show your love for your mom below in the comments. Or please share your experience with one of the ideas on the list!

Until Next Time!


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