21 Easy Ways To Make Easter Special For Your Kids

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How To Make Easter Special

Easter is one of the biggest and most fun holidays of the year… after Christmas of course! Having Easter egg hunts and finding eggs filled with candy and toys is a thrill for every child!

And you can make it even more special for your kids without putting a whole lot more effort or time into making Easter special for your kids

If you are interested in things you can do for Easter, then check out these fun ways to make Easter special for your kids:

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How To Make Easter Extra Special For your Kids

  1. Decorate your home with homemade and some bought Easter decorations
  2. Make Rice Krispie Treat Shaped Birds nests with Robins Eggs
  3. Start off the morning with Bunny Pancakes
  4. Make your own Easter Crafts
  5. Watch Easter movies like the ones on Hallmark Channel!  One of our FAVORITE movies to watch about all the make believe characters is Rise Of The Guardians!  🙂
  6. Make a Vanilla and Berry Trifle for Spring!
  7. Make an Easter card and candy for someone in the nursing home
  8. Make or buy some Easter themed treats for your favorite pet
  9. Play Easter games that you find on Pinterest
  10. Make Sunday brunch complete with cookies and cupcakes
  11. Go for a hike to search for all the flowers that are beginning to come up.

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  1. Host an Easter tea party with friends and serve cookies and pink sherbet punch for the kids
  2. Serve your kids breakfast in bed
  3. Cut all of their lunch items into bunny shapes
  4. Read some books about Easter
  5. Pass out special eggs or easter baskets filled with candy for the older people who live alone near you.
  6. Invite the older neighbors with no kids to join in and watch your kids hunt for Easter eggs.
  7. Serve everything on Easter plates
  8. Make chocolate covered strawberries
  9. Give gifts other than candy in their eggs!
  10. Dye Easter Eggs

Other Things to Make Easter Extra Special:

Happy Easter!


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