9 Best Easter Dresses For Tweens We Love This Year!

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Easter Dresses For Tweens

Look no further to find the best Easter dresses tweens on Amazon!

As your little girl gets older, it gets harder and harder to shop for her. Their tastes are changing, so finding a dress that they will actually wear is hard. That is why my daughter and I get together each season to pick out the best dresses of the season for your tween.

Our Favorite Cute Easter Dresses For Tweens

You can find cute Easter dresses and plenty of the major chain stores like H&H, Justice, Macys, or even Children’s Place. But one of the best places I find great dresses is on Amazon. They are a good price, and they arrive in about 3 days. So if you are a last minute kind of person like me, I always try to hit up Amazon first!

Here are some great choices Amazon has to offer for Tween Dresses this Easter.

#1 Flower Party Sundress

Some tweens are not quite into the older look yet…or maybe you don’t want them to be dressed any older quite yet! Either way, this dress is one of the younger looking dresses on this page. The bows and the blue flowers give it that younger look, but the reviews for this dress and it’s varieties are really high. As a matter of fact, it is rated as one of the best sellers on Amazon. So, if you buy this dress for your tween and they decide they want it to look a little older in it, you could always pair the dress with a denim jacket and some ankle boots.

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#2 Short Sleeve Maxi Dress

short sleeve black maxi easter dress for tweens

This is a super cute maxi dress that will allow your tween to feel a little older while also keeping her legs warm and getting her into a dress! The down side?…it is short sleeve. But that may work for some areas of the world at Easter. If not, it could easily be paired with a cute jacket or sweater. This Easter dress happens to be another high selling dress on Amazon per it’s high rating and reviews.

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#3 Flowered Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

flowered long sleeve maxi easter dress for tweens

This long sleeve maxi dress was something we really were excited to add to the list. You just never know what the weather will be like on Easter, so the long sleeves and long skirt will help keep your tween warm when she is outside hunting for eggs. ( and NO…she is not too old!)

But even more so, I know anytime I wear a long dress I feel really sophisticated, regal, and glamorous…(and my daughter agreed she feels the same way!) So we added this dress because your tween daughter may not like the cutesy short dresses that can sometimes feel young, but find her a maxi dress, and she will be all about wearing it!

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#4 Purple Tulip Dress

purple tulip easter dress for tweens

This navy blue dress is a great option for your tween for 3 reasons. The dark color makes it feel older, the ruffled sleeves make it fun, and there is no pink in sight! Pair this with a pair of cute ankle boots and she will be feeling good in her Easter dress.

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#5 Lace Cap Sleeve Skater Dress

glitter and lace easter dress for tweens

Skater dresses are a big trend right now with our young girls. What makes it a skater dress? Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with being a skate boarder! As a matter of fact, a skater dress is just a dress with a fitted waist and an A-line skirt. They are the popular cut with figure skaters, which is where they get their name.

The skater cut is really quite flattering on most people. And your tween is no different. This particular dress is on the list because it is pretty, has a little sparkle, and best of all, comes in about 15 different colors sure to please your daughter.

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#6 Lace and Chiffon Aline Dress

lace and ciffon green easter dress for tweens

Is your tween still loving the feeling of being a princess? This dress, from the lacy top, to the flowing chiffon bottle, embodies a beautiful princess feeling while still feeling a little older. And like the skater dress above, it comes in many different colors and patterns, sure to please your tween and her growing personality.

check price on amazon

#7 Printed Knit Dress

knit flower easter dress for tweens

Some tweens are just completely over the frilly princess look that most girl dresses create. That is why this printed dress is one of our favorites on the list. Not only is it not girly with lace and chiffon, but it is also not going to make your daughter feel at all like a princess if she doesn’t want to be one. This dress is both long sleeve and comfortable. And the best part is that it could be paired with a pair of combat boots, or even some chucks for the perfect low-key dress.

check price on amazon

#8 Ruffle Sleeve Romper

ruffle sleeve flowered romper easter dress for tweens

So my daughter and I realize that it is quite possible that your tween wants absolutely nothing to do with a dress (God knows my daughter got to that point) so we threw in a romper. A romper or jumpsuit are great options for the tween who is completely over dresses. And guess what mom…you can still have her looking great in the Easter pictures because there are some truly cute rompers for tweens out there.

This one in particular has a ruffled sleeve and is a nice subtle floral. But the dark background helps this cute tween outfit to feel a little more grown up. Pair it with a pair of sassy calf high boots and you’ve got yourself a cute Easter outfit for a tween.

check price on amazon

#9 Vintage Print Swing Dress

vintage flower swing easter dress for tweens

The last dress on our list will fit tweens that are slightly older. The cut of the dress has a sophisticated flare and comes in plenty of different colors and prints to please your tween. And with over 4 thousand reviews, the 4.5 star rating carries a lot of weight.

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A Cute Easter Dress Is All You Need

If you can get your tween into a dress, that is half the battle! I know because my daughter stopped wearing dresses around age 8 (beginning of the tween years).

So getting her into a dress for any occasion was difficult.

The trick is to make sure that you let her customize and personalized her look. Let her add the jewelry, shoes and jacket of her choice and maybe…just maybe…she will wear that dress you want her to wear!

Well, I hope these suggestions for finding the best Easter dresses for tweens help you!

Happy Easter!


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