St. Patrick's Day Fun For Your Kids!

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St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that is special to some but not to others. Although, being a kid, it is always fun to dress up in green, pinch people, and think that a leprechaun just threw glitter all over your house.

If you are interested in things you can do on St. Patrick’s Day, then check out these fun ways to make this special day really special for your kids:

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How To Make St. Patrick’s Day Extra Special For Your Kids

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  1. Decorate your home with homemade or bought St. Patrick’s Day Decorations
  2. Bake shamrock shaped cookies
  3. Start off the morning with Shamrock Pancakes and green syrup
  4. Only drink green drinks and eat green food for the day
  5. Make your own St. Patrick’s Day cards for friends and family
  6. Watch funny movies 🙂
  7. Make fun St. Patrick’s Day Treats!
  8. Make a St. Patrick’s Day card for someone in the nursing home or children’s hospital
  9. Make or buy some shamrock treats for your favorite pet
  10. Play St. Patrick’s Day games that you find on Pinterest
  11. Create the illusion that a leprechaun just caused some trouble in your home (kind of like the elf on the shelf would, but you can’t actually see leprechauns!)

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  1. Host a St. Patrick’s Day tea party with friends and serve shamrock shaped cookies and  green sherbet punch.
  2. Serve your kids breakfast in bed
  3. Cut all of their lunch items into shamrock shapes with your shamrock cookie cutter
  4. Put a funny st Patrick’s day joke in their lunch box
  5. Read great books about St. Patrick’s Day
  6. Pass out cookies to older people in your neighborhood that you know live alone
  7. Make everyone’s favorite meal … then turn it green
  8. Serve everything on shamrock plates
  9. Make shamrock shaped Rice Krispie treats with your shamrock cookie cutter
  10. Have a dance party to Irish music and only dance doing the Irish jig!

Other Things to Make St. Patrick’s Day Extra Special:


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