How To Achieve Your Goals When You Are Crazy Busy

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US News reports that only 20% of New Year’s Resolutions are achieved and that most resolutions are abandoned by January 12th! 

That is just shy of 2 weeks after the resolutions have bee n made!

So what gives? Why do so many people set their New Year’s goals and then abandon them so quickly? How do you set achievable goals as a stay at home mom when the failure rate is so high?

I cannot speak for the rest of the world, but I know that as a stay at home mom, I am incredibly busy with my family and if I am not careful, I forget all about what I need to do for myself.

I am pretty sure that most of my yearly mom goals have fallen by the wayside along with the rest of the 80% of people in the world who fail to achieve their goals. 

But once my kids went to school, I decided it was time for me to really truly set my sights on my own goals.  

This is how I did it.

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How To Set Achievable Goals As A Stay At Home Mom

As a crazy busy mom of 2, I don’t have a whole lot of time.  So when it comes to achieving my mom goals, I cannot just stop everything else to focus on my own resolutions.

Instead, I had to find a way of achieving my goals a little bit at a time.  This is called setting mini goals, or micro goals.

What are mini goals?

Mini goals are goals that you set for yourself in order to get closer to your big goals, but in a slow and more manageable way.

What kind of personal goals do stay at home moms set?

In the past I have set personal goals such as, keep my house cleaner, spend more time with my kids, lose some weight, eat healthier, and get more organized.  The options are endless.

Make a Plan

How to break down your personal mom goals into mini goals.

Step 1:  Write down all of the goals you wish to accomplish this year.

Step 2:  Decide which goal is most important to you by answering the following questions. 

  • Do you truly want to make this change to your life?
  • Is your goal concrete and measurable?
  • Can you create a plan to achieve your goal?
  • Do you have people who can support you?
  • How will you celebrate your victories?

Step 3:  Under each goal, write down some short term ways to achieve each goal.

Mini goal setting example:  If you want to start eating healthy, instead of just overhauling your entire diet, choose to add a handful of blueberries to your breakfast everyday, and trade out one processed snack for a vegetable everyday for 2 weeks.

When that two week period is done, then you make two more small changes like replacing one soda drink a day with water and then add a salad before dinner every day for two weeks.

These mini goals will break your big goal down into smaller more achievable goals.  Mini goals also help you form habits over time so you do not get overwhelmed by trying to achieve the big goal all at once.

Over time, as you continue to add small changes to your daily habits, you will eventually reach your overall big mom goal.

Take the first steps today to start meeting your personal mom goals by grabbing this goal breakdown planner just for moms.

Here are 12 FREE motivation tips just for you…so you can start cleaning TODAY!


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