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BAM!  That is how fast the clutter in your home can build up, especially after Christmas or a Birthday!  It is fast, and usually unexpected.  One Christmas or birthday with kids can create enough clutter in our homes to overwhelm us.  That is why clutter free gifts are a great way to keep your home and your friend’s homes clutter free.

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Reasons To Buy Clutter Free Gifts

Clutter free gifts are good for keeping clutter to a minimum. Gifts that do not cause any clutter are great for people who have everything, for minimalists who want nothing, and for kids who already have too much.

Whether the gift is for you, someone you know, or your kids, you really can give and receive gifts that will not create more clutter.

What Are Clutter Free Gifts?

Every year millions of gifts are given. And most of them turn into clutter we accumulate in our homes. Whether the gifts are for us or our kids, it seems like we always have more than we can use…or store in our homes.

So clutter free gifts are gifts you can give to others and also receive so you are not trying to delcutter your home the following year to make room for more cluttering gifts.

5 Categories Of Clutter Free Gifts

There are four categories that clutter free gifts can fall into:

  1. Things that can be used regularly or used up
  2. Items that can be consumed
  3. Experience Gifts
  4. Reusable Items
  5. Charitable Gifts

Here is a list of some gifts that will not cause more clutter for you or your friends.

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clutter free gifts

Clutter Free Gift Ideas

When you are trying to think of a clutter free gift for someone, think about the person who will be receiving that gift.  What are some things that they use daily or regularly?  What are some of their favorite foods or drinks?

Believe it or not, while gifts are nice when we are young, many times as we get older, we just love the idea of not having to buy all the things we use all the time.  That is why things like gift cards and money are often times so appreciated.

Also as we all get older and have more responsibilities like kids and bills to pay, sometimes just a nice night out is a great gift.

Gifts That Will Get Used Up

Some of these items are very personal to the person that you are buying for.  And if you do not know them that well, then you may be able to ask them or a close family member or friend about what their favorite items are.

Subscription Gifts that Are Clutter Free

Experience Gift Ideas That Are Clutter Free

Gifts that are not things can be just as rewarding and wanted as gifts that are things.  Many people who have kids…with little time, and little money, would love to just have a day or night out to have some fun.

Here are some examples of gifts you can give that are not things:

  • Concert Tickets
  • Dinner to favorite restaurant
  • Play, Opera, Musical Tickets
  • Riverboat Ride
  • Parasailing
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Skydiving
  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba Lessons
  • Cooking Lessons
  • Wine Tasting
  • Vacation
  • Weekend Getaway
  • Ziplining
  • Camping
  • Massage or Spa Experience
  • Family Photos

Clutter Free Gifts That Are Consumable

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Charitable Gifts On Another’s Behalf Are Clutter Free

There are so many people, families, and kids in need. Not only in other countries or even other states, but right where you live.

We can all become better and more giving people by taking the money we would give to someone who already has everything, and instead giving to someone in need in their behalf.

  • Donate to a local charity on someone else’s behalf.
  • Buy a grocery subscription for a person who is in need and then pay for it all year.
  • Donate to an International Charity on someone’s behalf.
  • Buy winter coats and warm clothing for a family in need on someone’s behalf.
  • Give to an animal shelter on someone’s behalf.

Then give the person you are making this charitable donation for, a nice card or letter explaining what you did and why.

What To Do When You Get A Gift That Will Cause Clutter In Your Home

If you receive a gift that is not clutter free, you have three options about what to do with it.  You can:

  1. Keep it
  2. Donate it
  3. Re-gift it

What To Do When Someone Insists On Buying You A Gift

I know many people that love buying gifts.  To them, it is not a special day for you unless you get some sort of physical present.  They believe that a gift is what makes the day special.

And you are appreciative of the heartfelt gifts they give, but you just don’t really need them.

So if you know someone who insists on buying you gifts every year for different occasions, try doing these things…

  1. Keep a running list of things you could actually use or need so you can tell the people that want to buy things for you.
  2. Ask for items that are on the local women’s shelter wishlist, and then donate them.
  3. Ask them to make a donation to charity in your name.

kids subscription boxes

Some Clutter Free Gift Ideas For Kids

A great option for kids who are into science is a subscription box by KIWICO.  KIWICO creates age appropriate science themed boxes that are interactive and engaging for kids.  >>>Click Here to see the KIWICO Kit options

In Conclusion

Clutter free gifts are becoming more normal in or current society due to the fact that so many of us have so much. And in reality, we don’t need more THINGS.

Giving a gift like an experience or a donation can change someone’s life. So you should truly consider it.

Happy Gifting!


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