Messy Bedroom

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Have you ever just stopped, looked around your house and thought…I don’t even know where to start cleaning this messy house! That is how you know you are crippled by the mess. Let me give you some ideas about how to clean when you are crippled by the mess.

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Messy House

A messy house can cause so much anxiety, stress, and unwanted work. I know from experience that when my house is messy, I can’t relax because I just can feel all the extra work that needs to be done, just weighing me down.

I know there are loads of people in the world who have it all together. I envy them. Unfortunately I am just not one of those people.

And you don’t have to be one of those people either! Let’s face it, we have kids, things are not going to be perfect and in place every day unless we are really mean moms!

What kind of messy house am I talking about?

I am not talking to you today about a mess like a spill on your carpet or couch that happened one day. I am not talking to you about cleaning up after having people over.

I am talking about how to clean a REALLY dirty house.

A house that is not just cluttered, but has mold, mildew and bacteria growing places. A house that is so dirty that there are things like dirty diapers laying around and old food rotting on the carpet.

A really dirty house doesn’t just have clothes laying around but dirt and grime in every corner. The refrigerator stinks of rotting meat and old milk. The dust bunnies and cobwebs are large enough to swallow you whole.

No, this is not a mess that happened overnight, this mess has been happening for years and has become overwhelming and crippling to you.

My House is A Wreck Right Now As A Matter Of Fact!

My house always looks like a pigsty after my family has been home for any amount of time or whenever we have run to whatever practices, games, or concerts we need to get to for the week.  

We just cannot seem to keep the house the way I want it.  

It took me years to get things organized and running how I want them to.  But over and over my house still becomes messy again and again.

Just the other day I found an old banana peel in the office from my son. Yes it was in the trash can, but IN THE OFFICE! Who know how long it had been there. Thank goodness there were no ants because it was the middle of winter!

How To Get Motivated To Clean

When you feel crippled by the mess in your home, the lat thing you want to do is start cleaning. But if you ever want to overcome that crippling feeling, then you absolutely HAVE to start somewhere!

You obviously want it to be clean, so start by doing these things to find the motivation to start cleaning your home:

  • Find pictures of homes you love and would love your own home to look like
  • Find pictures of your home before it became a mess

BUT How do you STAY Motivated to clean when you are crippled by the mess?

Do you feel motivated after finding those pictures? Are you scared you will lose momentum? I feel your pain. I can get really distracted really easily, especially if it is a HUGE project like cleaning a totally trashed house.

And I have some experience with this from when my husband and I used to flip houses. Some of the houses were so filthy that we would just stare and think where on earth do we start cleaning this house when we feel crippled by the mess?

But first let me give you some ideas about how to STAY motivated to clean your disaster of a house.

  • Find friends, family, or a company to help you
  • Have an accountability partner to keep you in check
  • Have an end goal in mind to give you a reason to keep going
  • Treat yourself whenever you conquer a part of the house that is really messy

How To Clean When You Are Crippled By The Mess

Here we go! You found your motivation, and now it is time to get started!

I don’t believe moms are supposed to have it all together in the beginning.  As a matter of fact, it is pretty impossible unless you are supermom…which most of us are not!  But we can become supermoms!  I did it. And I know you can too.

Julie – The Mom Survival Guide

Cleaning a house in general is hard. You have to constantly put things away. You have to clean up spills as soon as they happen. And cleaning the shower! YUCK! That is one of my least favorite things to do.

But unfortunately, we have to be adults. And if we have kids, things just get so much harder. Not only are you cleaning your own mess, but you are cleaning their mess too!

So here are some ways to get started cleaning your home that is overwhelmingly mess:

1// Break it up into smaller areas

When you break up the large job into smaller jobs, then it makes everything seem a little more manageable. I suggest picking either the spot that bothers you the most, or the spot that you can do the easiest. It is up to you.

2// Clear The Clutter First

When you clear out the clutter first, then you can see where the real dirt and grime are. By clutter I am referring to clothing, papers, books, trash, toys, food, or other items that do not have a place in your home or you no longer need or use.

Use sites like Shutterfly to make photobooks of kids artwork or old photos you have laying around. Then you can just line them up on a shelf.

3// Get Organized

The items that remain in your home after the decluttering need to be organized. That means that if it is in your home it needs to have a place in your home. A space that, when not being used, that object resides. Normally, books need some form of shelf, bookcase, or cabinet. The kitchen houses cooking utensils and food items. Be sure that there is a trash can in every room. Clothing should be hung on hangers or folded and in drawers.

4// Keep Up

This is the hardest part about being an adult. You actually have to keep up with things that happen in your home. When clothes are dirty, you do the laundry. When laundry is clean it gets hung up or put in drawers. Garbage gets thrown into garbage cans and then the garbage gets taken out every week for trash pickup. All items that have a place in your home should be put away as soon as you are finished with them. If they don’t have a place, you need to create a place or get rid of that item.

Finding Help:

If you just need help dealing with the clutter in your house, then you can consult a local organization professional in your area.  They will help you go through your clutter and set up systems to keep the clutter at bay. Look one up at

When I want people to help me clean my house, I normally ask my kids and husband.  But if you are looking for help outside of family and friends, then a maid service for cleaning is always a good idea.  They will clean your house as many times a month as you can afford them to.

There are also services such as that will literally come into your home and take things away that you don’t want anymore.  This is a great idea for big items such as unwanted furniture and unwanted gym equipment.



I mentioned above that there are some incredibly useful steps for tackling your cluttered house.  But this is already a long post, so I linked to that post here.

In the meantime, all I am trying to tell you is that you are not alone.  

I have been where you are and I promise there is a way out.  And there are loads of other moms out there who have messy homes and have learned to deal with them.  

The best thing to do is just start trying to make an effort.  Even if it is just 15 minutes a day.

You can click here for help creating a better daily routine.

I challenge you this year to take back control of your life!

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Thanks for reading and I hope you got a lot out of it!


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