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Looking for ways to declutter fast?

Believe it or not, clutter is normal for most everyone who does not life a minimalistic lifestyle. But sometimes, you just need to declutter you house and do it fast.

So here are some tips to check out:

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How To Declutter Fast

#1  Get Help To Declutter Fast

If you want to declutter your house in on day, or even a weekend, then I would suggest getting some help.  Make sure you have a plan of action to declutter your house fast, and then recruit friends, family, or even a service to help you declutter your house quickly.

#2  Make Sure Kids Are Not Home

If you have small children, then they may just get in the way of your decluttering progress.  So make sure you have a playdate or baby sitter lined up for the day that you plan to declutter fast.

#3  Set A Timer, Then Declutter Fast

Set a timer each day and spend that time picking up clutter.  By keeping up with your clutter every day, it will be easier to declutter fast when you really need to.

#4  Make It A Race Or A Game

If you have kids that are old enough to help you out, then you can make it a game or a race to declutter as quickly as possible.  Give each child 5 minutes to clean their room and then tell them both they did a great job and take them for ice cream!

declutter fast

#5  Throw Out The Trash First

Going around your house with a giant trash bag can help you drastically declutter the space you want to clean fast.  If you just grab every single thing from the entire house that you know needs to be thrown out, you will cut your decluttering job in half. 

#6  Collect Clutter Fast

After carrying around the trash bag for all the garbage, then you carry around a laundry basket for all the things that are out of place.  Pick up every item that is not currently in it’s proper home and place it in the laundry basket.  Do this for one room, and then take the time to put those items away.

#7  Use Decluttering Categories

One of the biggest time sucks when it comes to decluttering is taking objects that don’t belong in one space, and moving them to where they do belong. 

Instead of leaving the space every time you need to put a misplaced item away, in the trash, or out to donate, stay in the room you are decluttering but divide all of the items in the room into 4 categories.

  • Move
  • Donate
  • Trash
  • Keep in Space

Then move all the items when you are finished.

Pro Tip: Keep a decorative woven basket in each room to collect items that need to be decluttered as you go through your week.

#8  Declutter Small Areas Only

If you try to declutter too large of an area at a time you will wind up doing two things:

  1.  You will waste time walking all over the large space you are trying to declutter.
  2. You could very easily get side tracked and wind up starting a different project before you finish the decluttering project you started with.

So you can declutter fast by sticking to one small area at a time, finishing it, and then moving on to another small area.

#9  Hide The Clutter

I don’t normally recommend this, but I can honestly say I have used it before when we were trying to sell our first home.  This is not true decluttering, but if you need to get things decluttered quickly because you have last minute guests showing up, you can hide the mess under beds, in closets, and in large plastic bins.

#10  Create A Routine Where You Declutter Each Day

If you want to know how I declutter my home fast, it is by making sure that decluttering is on my stay at home mom daily schedule.  Myself, my kids, and my husband all declutter every evening before bed.  Then, if we wind up having last minute guests over, it only takes about 5 minutes to declutter a messy room.

#11  Immediately Remove Clutter From Home

After decluttering, you will have piles or bags of items that need to be taken to the garbage and to the donation center.  Don’t let those bags sit around waiting until you “get around to doing it”.  Take them where they need to go immediately so they do not cause more clutter in your home.

Keep Your Home Decluttered By Getting Organized:

I find that the best way to keep my home organized is with my home managament binder. I keep my meal plan, my daily schedule, my laundry schedule, to do list…you name it, it is in my home management binder.

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I hope these quick and easy tips to declutter fast help you declutter your home. I would love to hear any tips or tricks you may have in the comments below!

Happy Decluttering!


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