8 Reasons Why Clutter Causes Way More Stress In Your Life

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You are sitting there sleep deprived, stressed, and staring at a messy house.  And you wonder if there is an end in sight.  There is, but to find that end, you may need to find some energy to get rid of your clutter first.  Because clutter causes stress.  So that means; less clutter…less stress.

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Why Clutter Causes Stress

Clutter in your home can cause stress in many ways. Here are 8 examples of how clutter causes stress so you can take a good look at those areas and start decluttering today!

clutter causes stress

1//   Clutter Causes Embarrassment

When someone wants to come into your home, do you get embarrassed by the clutter?  Do you run around like a crazy person trying to pick things up or push them out of sight so your visitors will not see?  

How many times has someone stopped by and you are too embarrassed to even let them stand inside your front door for fear that they will see your cluttered home?

You would literally let them stand outside in the rain or snow before letting them in to see your messy house.

Keeping your home free from clutter can help reduce stress when you have visitors.

2//  Clutter Causes Frustration

Have you ever been ready to run out the door to an appointment but you cannot find your keys or your phone?  

You run around for 15 or 20 minutes looking under things, looking in different rooms and asking members of your family if they have seen your keys!

And then when you finally find them, you are late to your appointment.  

Frustration is stressful.  Not being able to find something in your own home is stressful.  Clutter creates this frustration and stress.

When you are overwhelmed with too much stuff, you don’t know where to start looking for things you need.

Decluttering the items you do not need and organizing the items you have can cut down on frustration.

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3//   Clutter Causes Your Brain To Be In Overdrive

Did you know that when you are looking at clutter, all the time, your brain cannot turn off? 

Your brain is constantly being stimulated by the clutter surrounding you.  

The cluttered mess in your home is telling your brain that you have not finished your job yet.  So you literally cannot relax.  

Which is why decluttering and anxiety reduction go hand in hand.  

clutter causes stress

4//  Clutter Causes Unusable Surfaces

I cannot tell you how many times this happened in my home when I would be in the middle of a back pain episode.

I would be speeding along making dinner as fast as I could because I was in pain, I would go to put the plates on the table, but the table was completely covered with stuff.

It would make me want to cry.  I wouldn’t have the stamina to clean off the mess, so I would have to go lay down first.  

In the meantime, the meal I just made got cold.  It was frustrating and stressful.

Can you relate?  Have you ever tried to bring your groceries in but had no place to set them down?  What about trying to do a project with your child but there is no flat surface where you can work?

All of these things prove that clutter causes stress.  And when you are finally sick of clutter, that is when you can start making positive changes to your home.

5//  Clutter Deprives You Of Focus

I know that so many times, I will start on one project in my home, only to find that a half hour later I am working on something else and have no idea how I got there.

This is how clutter affects your day to day focus.  You simply cannot focus on one task when there are so many other tasks around you crying out to be finished as well.  

Even just a little bit of decluttering and cleaning can reduce stress by helping you focus better on getting just one thing done at a time.

clutter causes stress

6//  Clutter Causes Depression  

At some point, if you are not dealing with your clutter regularly, it is going to overwhelm you. 

When you don’t know how to start decluttering when you feel overwhelmed, that is when people start to feel hopeless.  And hopelessness leads to depression

Don’t let this happen to you.  Learn how to create a stress free home today.

You can start by learning which tasks are most important for you to get done today with this worksheet I made just for you.

7//  Clutter Causes More Mom Guilt

I know I want to be a good mom.  And I am sure you do as well.  

So we want our homes to be safe and healthy for our kids.  But when they are cluttered, they are not safe or healthy for anyone in the family.

Items laying on the floor such as toys are a tripping hazard.  If there is clutter everywhere in your home, then when is the last time you actually cleaned your floors and countertops?  They could be harboring bacteria, mold, and viruses.  

And when you feel guilty about not being able to give your family the environment they need to live in, clutter causes stress.

clutter causes stress

8//  Clutter Causes You Have Nowhere To Relax

If your home is a junk pit piled high with stuff, then where do you actually relax?  You can’t, because every time you try to relax you have to move items so you don’t trip or so you can actually sit or lay down.  

Then, while you are sitting, you are looking at the clutter and wondering if you will ever be able to pick it all up.  Will you ever see the end of this mess?

All of these points illustrate how having clutter in your home can cause you more stress as a mom.  So please take action now to start decluttering your messy house so you can sleep better at night.

Can you understand now why clutter causes stress?  Clutter causes stress, and stress causes sleepless nights.  Cut the clutter, and find yourself sleeping better.

Start reducing your stress by decluttering today.


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