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Stay at home moms have it rough when it comes to toy clutter. We are home all day, which means our kids are home all day getting their toys out. And we keep buying more and more to keep them playing. But what if you cut down on the clutter you have to clean up everyday buy only buying a few toys. Here is a list of toys your kids will never get tired of playing with.

Over the years, I have grown tired of buying lots of random things so my kids have lots to play with. Because what normally happens, is they only play with 1 thing that I buy them.

And they play with that 1 thing all the time.

Over the years, I realized that there are certain toys that my kids never get tired of playing with. And I wish I had known what they were way back when.

But since my kids are older now, I have the gift of hindsight and can give you suggestions.

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Toys Your Kids Will Never Get Tired Of Playing With

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Jump House

To this day, my kids still play in our jump house. Why is this amazing? Because we bought the jump house when my son was 3 and my daughter was 6…fastforward to present, my kids are 9 and 13. They still drag the bounce house out of the storage room, set it up in the basement, and have a blast!

Playground Set

Ok, when I say we bought it for them, that is not actually correct. Our neighbors bought a playground set for their backyard. We made the mistake of believing our kids would never play on it, so we didn’t want to spend the money. Why was it a mistake…because our kids spend most spring, summer, and fall days at our neighbor’s house on their playset. So don’t make the mistake we made.


While I don’t like letting my kids sit on their electronics all day, I do like that I can connect with them. With an iPad, I can facetime and text them and so can the grandparents. But that is not why this is on the list. If you want to give your kids something they will use ALOT, then this is a great gift.

Garmin VivoFit Watch

My son never leaves home without his VivoFit Jr. by Garmin. He loves that it looks like legos, that he can set timers, tell time, and compete with me for steps during the day. He literally uses it all the time.

Toy Bow and Arrow

This bow and arrow set is a toy, not a real set. But ever since my son received it about 4 years ago, he and his best friend use them ALL the time and love seeing who can shoot their arrows farther.

Huffy Bike with Gears

Almost every kid loves riding bikes. But we have a lot of hills in our neighborhood, which make it hard when your kids are little and trying to peddle up it. So we found a bike for my son that had gears. After getting that book, he rode his bike all the time because he could switch the gears to get up the big hills.

Proformance Basketball Hoop

The ProFormance Basketball Hoop was a great purchase for loads of reasons. First of all, the hoop moves up and down so when your kids are little or just want to dunk the ball like Michael Jordan or Steph Curry, they can. Also, this hoop has seen loads of family basketball games that have given us activities to do outside of our house.

Electric ATV for Kids

These Electric ATV’s were one of my kid’s favorite toys. The went a little faster than the little kid cars and had enough power to be ridden in the yard without getting stuck.

Razor Scooters

To this day, my kids still love to ride their scooters around the neighborhood. Scooters give them an alternative to their bikes but they can still keep up with everyone else.

Slip and slide

I know this is a summer item, but it is always a huge hit at our house all summer long. I have never regretted buying this because every year when the weather warms up, it is the first thing they ask to get out.

Slime kits

If you don’t know that slime is HUGE right now, then you may want to stop living under a rock. My kids love slime, they watch people on YouTube make and play with slime, and they love to make it themselves. Of all the sciency kits I have given them, the slime kit comes out the most when they are looking for something to do.

Nintendo Switch

Again, I am not a huge fan of electronics, but this is one gift that both my kids love. They play Minecraft on it and create their own homes and worlds that they are very proud of. And the best part, they actually play it together and get along…well, most of the time.


Again, one of my kid’s favorite games to play together and be creative.

Clue Game

We got this game about 2 years ago and it has quickly become the #1 game that my kids want to play when we have a game night. Granted, it is probably not suited for the younger kids, but keep reading, because I have a few listed below that are huge hits for the little kids too.


When we first bought Zingo, my son was probably only 2 and my daughter 4.5. But they could both play this game and both absolutely loved it.


I am not sure if you had this game growing up, but I did and my brother and I loved to play it. It is good for kids to help them learn their shapes, but that is so not why they love it. No, they love it because you have to put as many pieces in the tray as possible before the time runs out. And when the timer runs out, the tray pops up and throws the shape pieces everywhere. It’s a huge hit. Even now.


Jenga is a great game for any age because you don’t have to be able to read, or count, or even know your shapes. You just play and wait for the tower to fall. Which is always fun.


We have been playing Uno with our kids since they were about 4 years old. My kids love it mostly because they know they actually have a chance at beating mom and dad.

Yatzee Jr (Toy Story Edition)

Yatzee Jr. What a great game, that we all still love to play and have been playing since my kids were 4. The Toy Story Edition is the one we have, but now it seems to be expensive. But if you can find a different Yatzee Jr that is cheaper, I would suggest buying it because it will be a family favorite.

Dress Up Clothes for Girls

When my daughter was little, she couldn’t wait to put on dresses and high heels. Now, I can’t even get her to wear a dress for Christmas. Anyhow, she had a trunk full of princess dresses and costume jewelry to put on every day.

Princess Shoes

You can’t very well be a Princess if you don’t have the shoes. And let me tell you, it didn’t matter to my daughter if she had on her dresses as much as it mattered to have on her heels! She would wear them everywhere, she would even try to wear them to the park!

Boys Superhero Costumes

Let’s not forget that boys love to dress up as well. Every year, my son would get a new superhero costume for Christmas. And he would wear them almost every day with his best friend. Even now, they still get dressed up as superheroes from time to time.

I truly hope this list helps you buy that perfect gift for your kids this year. Toys your kids will never get tired of playing with.

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