This 30 Day Declutter Challenge Is Insanely Easy To Accomplish

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Start This 30 Day Declutter Challenge

So you have decided it is time to declutter! I am so happy for you, and I want you to know you are in the right place. All you need to get started on this incredible journey is a good plan, and I have just the thing for you . . . a 30 day declutter challenge that has 30 easy decluttering tasks to get you started toward your decluttering goals for the year.

Why Is Decluttering So Hard?

There are a number of reasons why decluttering may seem hard at the beginning. Reasons such as:

But there is a way to make decluttering seem like it is just part of your everyday life. And make sure that it stays gone.

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Starting Good Declutter Habits

Did you know that by starting a good decluttering habit, you can change the way you keep up with your home and the clutter you accumulate?

It’s true. According to the magazine, Real Simple, decluttering is not about trying to get it all done in one day. It is about creating a great habit of doing little bits of maintenance each and every day. [Source]

And I wholeheartedly agree! After going through a period of extreme back pain and then coming out the other side to a complete mess of a home, I learned REALLY quickly that I could not do it all at once!

So here is where the 30 day declutter challenge comes in.

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What Is A 30 Day Declutter Challenge

A 30 day declutter challenge is not necessarily about getting every last bit of clutter out of your home.

No, a 30 day declutter challenge is about creating small, but lasting habits…that will allow for large life changing effects.

It’s true. Think about any large goal you want to accomplish in your life. It will never happen overnight. It always takes a series of smaller steps to get to your end goal.

And decluttering an entire house is no exception! It is a HUGE project and needs to be broken up. Which is where the 30 day declutter challenge comes in to play.

Start The Daily Declutter Challenge

Yup, you read that heading right. This challenge is a daily challenge…and it goes on for 30 days. It was created specifically to help you to not only create the habit of decluttering daily, but to also realize that doing super small tasks can lead to large results over time.

Each of these task will take you between 5 to 20 minutes each day.

After 1 month of this challenge, I then challenge you to either repeat the 30 day declutter challenge for a second month, or create your own challenge by decluttering items you feel are necessary to get rid of in your home.

Really think about the areas of your home that need to be seriously decluttered. Then write down 30 days of small decluttering tasks that will get you to that goal. It’s that simple.

Maybe you really need to work on your basement or attic. Maybe you have been collecting shoes for the last 20 years. Whatever it is, I believe that you can break up the tasks and reach your goal in 30 days!

30 Day Declutter Challenge Calendar

30 Day Declutter Challenge Calendar

So with this 30 day declutter challenge, all you have to do is print off the calendar that I have already created for you.

Each day you will perform a simple task that will help get you on your way to creating better decluttering habits and completely decluttering your home.

How To Declutter Your Home

When you start to declutter your home, you will want to have a few things on hand. For instance:

  • A little bit of space to make piles as you go through your clutter.
  • Labeled categories to help you decide what to do with your clutter ( I included these with the 30 day declutter challenge calendar just to help you out and get you started faster).
  • Containers to put your clutter in. I recommend having the containers when you begin so the clutter goes straight into them and you don’t have to do it later. This also allows for quick removal of items you are planning to donate or take to the trash.
30 Day Declutter Challenge Categories(1)

10 Questions To Ask Yourself While Decluttering

  1. Is it out of style?
  2. Is it expired?
  3. Is it torn, stained, or discolored?  (not on purpose or for style purposes)
  4. Does it fit?
  5. Do you like it?
  6. Will you wear it?
  7. Will you use it?
  8. Have you used it in the last year?
  9. Is it broken?
  10. Do you have more than one?

Why We Need To Declutter

Decluttering will make your life simpler. Sometimes searching for things in your own home can become so exhausting. It is also time consuming.

Just think of how many other things you could do if you didn’t spend time searching for things in your house.

Decluttering can help you see the items you want… FAST.

No Selling Here 30 Day Declutter Challenge

Why ‘Sell’ Is Not A Category I Use

When I think of an extremely cluttered house, I think of piles and piles of stuff…of surfaces that cannot be used, and of items that have been held onto way too long.

And so when I talk about decluttering, I am essentially talking about making space in your home usable by getting rid of all the extra.

And let’s face it. You probably have been holding on to more than one thing thinking one day you would get around to selling it. But in the end, it has just added to your clutter problem.

The more things you bring into your home, hold onto, or “have plans for one day” the more clutter you will continue to have in your home.

So I do not recommend holding onto items to sell.

Instead, try taking them to a consignment shop where they will sell it for you…and then it is OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!

Or think of donating as a way of taking all the things you are grateful for having and giving them to someone in need.

Trust me, they will be grateful.

In the end, the decision is yours whether you want to add a sell category, but I personally, do not recommend this category.

Get Motivated to clean and declutter

Best Declutting Tip I Can Give You

In the end, the best tip I can give you is to start small. And that is exactly what the 30 day declutter challenge can do for you.

Happy Decluttering!


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