As a stay at home mom, I love having free things to do with my kids at home.  So, over the years, I have created several lists of things they can do at home …for free!  

You will become the fun mom who always has fun ways to spend the day if you use this list!

Grab your


Ultimate “I’m Bored” List

of Things to do with your kids!

How many times can you listen to your kids say “I’m Bored” before you just want to go out of your mind?

I can tell you, that if my kids had their choice in the matter, I know exactly what they would do all day…Electronics, electronics, electronics.

My kids love their electronics!  And why wouldn’t they?  Mom and dad love electronics, grandma and grandpa love them, and all of their friends love them! 

Electronics are a part of life!  They are everywhere from phones, to tablets, to video game consoles.

Believe it or not, I am not totally against electronics.  I look at it like this:

In this generation, my kids will have to know how to use electronics of all sorts.  They are just a way of life now.  Plus, they love them, and I believe they should have time to do the things they love.  Not only that, but they are actually great for hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, solving puzzles, and sometimes even connecting with people.

Unfortunately, my kids don’t know how to stop using their electronics, so they would be on them all day …every day.

BIG NOPE!  in my house!

I allow my kids 1 hour of electronics every day.  But after that, they have to find other fun things to do!  That is usually about the time they come to me and say the inevitable, “I’m bored!”  So guess where I send them…

…to the “list”!

This list has helped me through the last 12 years with my kids!  And it even gets a little longer each year as we find new things to add!

I am here to tell you that if your kids are home with you, then you need a resource to help keep them busy.  You need things for them to do! You NEED this list!


Grab it here!  It will save your sanity!



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