As a stay at home mom, I don’t really have the money to run all over the city with my kids all summer.  So over the years, I have created several different lists of things they can do at home for free and a few things we can do out for free!  Hope this list is helpful to you!

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How many times can you listen to your kids say “I’m Bored” before you just want to go out of your mind?

I can tell you that if I let my kids do whatever they wanted all day, they would know exactly what they would do…Electronics, electronics, electronics.

My kids love their electronics!  And why wouldn’t they?  Mom and dad love them, grandma and grandpa love them, and all of their friends love them!

And electronics are everywhere from phones, to tablets, to video game consoles.

Believe it or not, I am not totally against electronics.  I look at it like this:

My kids are going to have to be able to use them in life, they love them, so they should have time to do the things they love, and they are great for hand-eye coordination, logistic reasoning, and sometimes even connecting with people.

When it gets bad, is when my kids do this all day …every day.

BIG NOPE!  in this house!

I allow my kids 1 hour of electronics every day.  But after that, they have to find some stuff to do!  And when they come to me and say the inevitable, “I’m bored!”  Guess where I send them?

To the “list”!

This list has helped me through the last 12 summers and it actually gets a little longer each summer as we find new things to add!

But I am here to tell you that if you have your kids home all summer and need things for them to do, then you NEED this list!

Grab it here!  It will save your summer!


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