1 Incredibly Easy Way to Find Time To Laugh Again!

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Laughter is life’s best medicine!  Did you know that you can find time to laugh more with your family!?

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What Stress Can Do To You!

Many years ago, a woman at church sarcastically asked me if I ever laugh with my kids.  This was not a hit toward me or my character, we were actually friends. 

No, this sarcasm came more from her truly not believing it was possible to laugh with your family.

She was always in a rush, she always had 5 million things going on, and she was always between jobs.

You could tell just by talking to her that she was highly stressed.  

So when she asked me sarcastically if I ever laugh with my kids, I replied that I laugh with my family almost every day.

She was somewhat taken aback.  Her reply was that she couldn’t remember the last time she had laughed with her kids.

This broke my heart. She was overwhelmed with life and the cards that it had dealt her.  She was trying to juggle everything and seemed to be getting nowhere.

What Does Your Stress Look Like?

How full is your schedule?  How many commitments have you made for yourself and your family?  Do you have time to breathe? Eat? Laugh? Play?

Are you late where ever you go?  Do you forget important appointments and activities? How many times do you have to check the time and date of appointments to remember them?

Do you always mean business?  Barking orders, talking or yelling over everyone, placing other things in your life before your family and personal happiness?  Can you prioritize things in your life or do things just keep piling up and overwhelming you?

If you were less stressed, would you laugh with your family more often?

After having kids, my mind turned to mush! 

I had so much on my plate and so little sleep, that I couldn’t remember anything.  How is your memory?  Do you lose your keys and phone all the time?  I used to.

This post is not meant to call you out on all of your shortcomings.  You are a normal mom just trying to keep up.  Instead, this post is meant to get you thinking about your life.  How it runs now, and how to make it run better so you can find more time to laugh with your family.

Are You Achieving Your Goals?

Are you getting where you want to go?  Whether it is your kid’s basketball game or a bigger goal in your life?  Or do you keep showing up late?

A lot of people fall into this loop of being on a constant mission in life.  Always seeing the goals and destinations that are out in front of them but forgetting to live in the here and now.

They keep working toward those goals and keep failing because they don’t have a system in place.  A system to get them where they are going on time!

When that happens, your goals begin to fall apart.  Your family life falls apart.  Everything falls apart. And you are left with lots of stress.

If you could achieve your goals and free up some of your time do you think you would laugh with your family regularly?

What Getting Organized Can Do For You!

In order for things to run smoothly in your life and family’s life, you first have to create a system for success. 

I have found that organization is one of the best ways to help me take my missions in life and carve out time for all of them without sacrificing the joy in life. 

This can be the same for you if you get organized!

I need time for my blog, my errands, and chores as a stay at home mom, the activities that my kids participate in, and my family.

Especially my family.

What do you need time for?

Feelings Of Overwhelm, Stress, and Frustration

As a mom, and a stay at home mom at that, I know what it is to feel overwhelmed.  To feel like your brain is buzzing with so many things that you don’t know where to start first! 

When you see the never-ending pile of laundry and dishes and you just want to scream!

Or when you can’t seem to get anywhere on time because your kids are like monkeys and you can’t find your keys!

I know what it is like to feel completely exhausted from running and thinking all day even though you feel like you have gotten nothing done!

And I know what it feels like to see your goals on the horizon but have no clue how to reach them!

Getting Organized

Getting organized in your home and in your life can help you in so many ways.  It can help you prioritize, it can help you achieve the goals you set for yourself and your family.  Organizing can actually free up time in the long run! 

Overall!  You will be less stressed, you will be working toward something greater, and you will have more time with your family!

And my favorite part!  When I am organized and efficient, it makes me feel empowered!

It is time to feel EMPOWERED!  As a Mom, as a Woman, as a Wife!  Take back control of your home and your life!

Best of all, when you make the time to organize your life and home, you will be able to laugh more.  Laugh at yourself, with your family, other people in your life…Every aspect of your life will be happier!  Remember my motto… Stay Home. Stay Happy.

Empower Yourself Through Organization

I am beginning a new series in January!

What a way to start off the new year!  

We are going to get ORGANIZED

And through that, we are going to get EMPOWERED!

Then we are going to add more LAUGHTER to our lives!

Laughter is life’s best medicine!  But the path to laughter is through organization and reaching your goals in a rational way.  Not through stress!

I look forward to journeying with you!

Happy Holidays!