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One of the easiest toxins to remove from your house TODAY is fabric softener and dryer sheets. You can do this by using white vinegar in your laundry instead.

When you wash your clothing with detergent, those detergents get into your clothes and stay there, making your clothes feel stiff and rough.  

Normally people then add fabric softener, which adds waxes, fragrances, and softeners to your clothing to make them feel soft and smell good.  The problem is, you now have both chemicals from the detergent and chemicals from the fabric softener residing in your clothes.  

Now, you, your kids, and your significant other are wearing these chemical laden clothes and the chemicals can slowly leach through your skin and into your body.  Which is not good.

What Does White Vinegar Do For Laundry?

Using white vinegar in your laundry instead of fabric softener can have great benefits to your family’s health. 

White vinegar is a natural fabric softener.  The way vinegar works is that it actually pulls the detergent out of your laundry while it is still in the wash. 

 If the detergent is not in your clothing at the end of the wash cycle, your clothes will no longer have that stiff, rough feel.  You have also just eliminated the chemicals that come from detergents so they will not be sitting on your skin all day and leaching into your body.

PRO TIP:  When using white vinegar in your laundry as a fabric softener, do not add the vinegar to the wash at the same time as your detergent.  The detergent will not be able to wash your clothing as effectively if the vinegar is in the water with it. Make sure you add the vinegar when you would add your fabric softener, which is during the rinse cycle if you add by hand.  But most machines have an automatic dispenser which is a perfect place to put your vinegar.

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Will my clothes smell like vinegar?

Your clothes will have a slight vinegar smell as they come out of the washing machine, but once vinegar is dry, it does not have a smell at all, therefore your dry clothing will not smell of vinegar either.

So now you have used the vinegar and your clothes feel soft, but it is just not the same when you pull your laundry out of the dryer and there is absolutely no smell.

That is when you are tempted to throw a beautifully scented dryer sheet in with your clothes!  But don’t do it!

Dryer sheets contain all of the same chemicals and fragrances as liquid fabric softener.  Not only that, but even if you only used the dryer sheet on a few loads here and there, the residue from the sheets will build up on the inside of your dryer, affecting other loads of laundry.

White Vinegar In Your Laundry Will Remove Odors

If you didn’t already know this, then listen up because this is huge! Vinegar is actually a natural odor absorber. So all of those sweaty, smelly, clothes that you put in to your washer will come out, well, they will come out smelling like vinegar.

But they will NOT smell like sweat, mildew, or anything else gross that they smelled like when they went into your washer.

And again, your clothes will not smell like vinegar after they dry.

Antibacterial Effects

Have you ever heard of the antibacterial effects of using vinegar? Many people who make their own cleaning supplies (like myself) use vinegar on counter tops, floors, and in bathrooms.

This is because the acidity of the white vinegar kills bacteria and viruses. Therefor, by adding it to your laundry, you are raising the acidity of the water and killing bacteria and viruses that may be clinging to your clothing.

How To Add Vinegar To Laundry

The best and most effective way to add white vinegar to your laundry is to add it during the rinse cycle. That means adding about 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar either by hand or into your fabric softener dispenser.

PRO TIP: Do NOT add extra vinegar thinking that you will get extra benefits from doing so. Adding TOO MUCH white vinegar to your washing machine could cause damage to the machine due to the acidity of the vinegar.

I hope this helps you feel that going natural by using white vinegar in your laundry is not as scary and un-doable as you thought!

Happy washing!


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