5 Best Brooms To Help You Keep Up With Any Mess

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Best Brooms For Any Mess In And Around Your Home

There are many types of brooms you can buy to use in your home.  But how do you know what broom is best for each task and if it is good quality?  Check out this list of the 5 best brooms to buy for any part of your home, indoor or outdoor.

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What to look for in a broom

The best quality brooms are made by companies that excel in the home and commercial cleaning industry.  Two of my favorites are Libman and Quickie. 

I like to keep several different kinds of brooms for my home for two reasons. One reason is that having the right broom for the task can make the task easier and more efficient. But also, because I like to have indoor and outdoor brooms that are separate.

That way I am not bringing leaves, dirt, and cobwebs from the outside, into my house by re-using the same broom inside.

I can’t tell you how many times my husband used my “indoor” broom in the garage and made it all gross and cobwebby. Now, there are separate brooms that he uses just outside.

Best Broom For Your Home

The best broom to buy is one that is best suited for you and the task for which you are using it.  In order to find a good quality broom, you will want to look for the following features:

  • The right bristle texture – soft, medium or firm
  • A comfortable handle that comes as one piece – I recommend a comfortable handle if the broom handle is wooden or if you are using the broom for long periods at a time.  If the broom handle is delivered to you in pieces and you have to screw it together, then more than likely it will cause the broom head to rotate while you are sweeping.
  • A strong, non-pivoting broom head – Because you don’t want the head of the broom to spin in a circle while you are trying to sweep up a mess.
  • The angle of the bristles – I like either flat or angled depending on what floor I am sweeping.

#1 Best Broom For Inside Your Home

The best broom for inside your home is the angled broom by Libman.  

It has medium to soft bristles to collect fine powders (like flour when you bake), dust, crumbs that are dropped on your floor from the kids,  and hair from the dog and other family members. 

The angled broom by Libman, is angled to help you sweep under the cabinets and in corners.  It also comes with a dustpan that clips on for easy storage.

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Best Broom For Your Garage Floor

Speaking of Libman, they have this great multi-surface heavy duty push broom that is ideal for any space with a large floor like a garage.

The stiff and soft bristles will help push things like leaves and mulch out of the garage while also sweeping the dust and dirt out.

I also like to sweep out the windows and corners of the garage from time to time with this angled broom…but it always stays in the garage and never comes back in my house because it gets really gross!

Best Outdoor Broom

Any strong bristle broom with a firm bristle like this one from Quickie is good for outdoor use.  

The tough bristles allow better sweeping on surfaces like brick, stone, or textured concrete so you can keep the outside of your home looking just as clean as the inside.

Best Whisk Broom

Never heard of a whisk broom?  I hadn’t either, but now I know just how essential it is to clean with.  A whisk broom is used to “whisk” crumbs from the countertop or table, crumbles that fall under couch cushions, and even flour off the countertops without making a bigger mess on the floor.

Best Lobby Broom

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For light, one sweep cleanups, this Libman lobby broom is ideal.  The dustpan flips up and down on the end of a pole so you don’t have to stoop down to sweep up the mess. Not only that, but there is a comb feature on the dustpan that helps get all the dust and hair off the end of the broom.

Then the broom clips right to the dustpan and you can hang it up all together on your boom holder.

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The Best Quality Brooms Are Not Always Easy To Find

I find that when I want a better quality cleaning product, the best place to go is to my local hardware store. They cater to construction sites and construction workers who have to clean up those sites. So they make sure they carry the best equipment for the job.

The Best Brooms Do The Best Work

Remember that when you are buying a broom, you want it to do the job efficiently. I hope the broom tips I gave you above give you a starting place for finding the best broom to use in your home.

Happy Cleaning,

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