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For kids 5-12

This is a list of Christmas gifts that your kids will love for 2019! I have provided affiliate links for your convenience.

Bath Bomb Lab

This Bath Bomb Kit is great for kids age 5 and above. The Kit includes essential oils to fragrance the bath bombs, bath bomb molds to get that round bath bomb shape, and recipes for different scents.

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3D Skeleton Dig

Does your child just LOVE dinosaurs! Let them dig up their own dinosaur bones with this Dig It Up Tyrannosaurus Rex Kit!

Ice Cream Maker

My kids absolutely love ice cream. So I bought them this kid’s ice cream maker kit. It includes a book of recipes so they can make all sorts of fun different flavors! Just like Ben and Jerry!

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Alien Slime Lab

What is better than a slime kit? An Alien Slime kit! Allow your kids to experiment with making different types of slime and then playing with it for hours.

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Playful Chef Knife Set

Whether your child is a budding new chef or just loves to help mommy in the kitchen, these knives are perfect for teaching them how to slice and dice. They look and feel real, without the sharpness of real knives.

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Ninja Line

This ninja line is perfect for the child that wants to be the next American Ninja Warrior!

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My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope is the perfect STEM activity your little scientist needs.

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These Koolaburra Boots by UGGS are not just for keeping your child’s feet warm, they also make an excellent fashion statement.


Great for staying hydrated.

Amazon affiliate links are included in the rest of the gift suggestions for your convenience:

STMT Bath Bomb Kit

Rated #1 by Best Review Guides, this Bath Bomb Kit is great for kids age 6 and above. The Kit includes essential oils to fragrance the bath bombs, bath bomb molds to get that round bath bomb shape, and recipes for different scents.


Headbanz is a fun family guessing game for both kids and adults. There are many varieties such as Headbanz Disney, Headbandz Rush, Headbandz No Limits and Headbandz Spin.


KanJam is one of the best games to pop up for Tailgating and backyard family fun since Cornhole. It is super easy to transport since it is essentially just a frisbee and a collapsible garbage can.

Magnetic Putty

Magnetic putty is also known as thinking putty.

Charades For Kids

This is an all in one Charades game with easy ideas for kids to act out include so there is no need to generate ideas on your own.

Pie Face Cannon

Your kids actually get to shoot whip cream out of a cannon. Pretty Cool.

Wall Climbing Car

This car is a car that will drive on floors, walls, and even ceilings. It follows the laser wherever your child points it!


This baking set comes with everything your child needs to bake things they love. From detailed instructions to measured out ingredients, this is a great gift for your budding baker.


A classic “who done it” game that I remember playing when I was young. Now it is back and just as much fun as before!

Electric Scooter

This electric scooter will get your child wherever they are going faster.


A fun balancing experience that gets you where you’re going fast.

Slime Kit

This is a big slime kit that will keep your kids busy for hours.

Klutz Lego Chain Reactions

Lego Chain Reactions allows your child to create loads of different systems using legos that spin and move to see what kind of ball reactions they can create.

Giant Block Game

This game is very similar to a popular game that may rhyme with Menga. But this game is a lot cheaper! Plus it is loads of fun to play with the kids!


Easy wireless audio on the go.


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