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Looking to organize your kitchen? Be sure to use labels in order to keep your hard work in order when you are finished. Below, I list out 5 reasons you should be sure to label your kitchen.

kitchen labels

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How many times have you set goals to get organized only to not reach them?

Becoming organized is ESSENTIAL to achieving your goals because it helps you create a system for success.

Pantry Labels

Now I am going to assume that you are like me for a moment and you cook every single day!

Seriously. I cook about 6 out of 7 meals a week. So I cook A LOT!

I also buy food at the grocery every single week because I cook A LOT!

My goal is to cook as many meals at home as I can for three reasons:

  1. It saves MONEY.
  2. It keeps my family HEALTHIER.
  3. It brings us all TOGETHER.

But in order for me to save money, make healthy meals, and make the meals that bring us together, I have to have a system to achieve my goals.

So I plan each week. I plan out my meals and everything I will need for those meals.

What does this have to do with labeling your kitchen?

Labels are what keep my system working.

In order to create a meal plan for the week, I have to know things like:

  1. If I already have the ingredients I need.
  2. If I need to buy the ingredients I need.

I know you are still wondering what this has to do with labeling.

Let’s say for example that my kids help me put the groceries away. They have NO CLUE where things go. So they normally ask. But sometimes they don’t ask.

If they don’t know, and they don’t ask…well, you know what comes next. It winds up on the nearest, closest, easiest shelf, cabinet, or countertop that they can find.

So when I go to make my meal for whatever day of the week it is… and I can’t find the ingredient that I need… that is not going to help me achieve my goal of making dinner!

So I ask the kids…of course they have no idea what they put away or where they put it.

Problem #1: I don’t have the ingredients I need because, even though I know I bought them, I cannot find them.

So I have to make a choice. Do I quickly think of a new meal, spend the next 5-10 minutes trying to figure out where they put the ingredient I need, or say forget it and go out to eat.

Any choice I make in this instance wastes time or money.

Problem #2: I go to make my grocery list for my meals, I glance in the pantry to see what I already have, and don’t see what I need so I put it on the list.

Because the groceries from the previous week were put away in the wrong places, I didn’t realize that I already have 4 cans of chicken stock. So I buy 4 more because I need two for my meal and I like to have a little extra on hand just in case.

I am putting the groceries away and realize, oh, I just found the other 4 cans of chicken stock. They were on the ground where I normally put the Gatorade. (because when my kids put the chicken stock away last week they found that the easiest place to put them that day was on the floor.)

Now I have 8 cans of chicken stock.

I get that chicken stock is something you can use up pretty quickly, but what if it wasn’t chicken stock?

Do you know, I am cleaning out my pantry right now. And I only do one shelf at a time because otherwise I get overwhelmed and just quit.

So I was just working on my baking shelf. And guess what I found…2 boxes of cake flour, 2 giant bags of powdered sugar, and 2 boxes of Bisquick!

I am not perfect, and I know that is one of the things I tell you! No Perfect People Allowed!

But here is my analysis…My system wasn’t working so I needed to REVAMP it. (which is what I am doing now by cleaning it all out.)

If I am wasting money on 2 of everything, then my system doesn’t work!

And the real kicker, both of the boxes of cake flour were expired!

Kitchen Utensils

My last thing to think about doesn’t have to do with the food in your kitchen, but the utensils you use.

Have you ever been pressed for time, want to get dinner on the table, but realize you have no idea where your correct utensils are?

Maybe you want to make pancakes on Sunday morning before church. You are pressed for time because the service starts at 10 A.M. So you need to be quick. But you can’t find your spatula.

You search all over the place and finally realize it is either give up on the pancakes or give up on getting to church. Which you were really looking forward to because it was Mother’s Day!

So you throw a bowl of cereal at your kids who are now crying because they were expecting pancakes, run out the door and wind up late to church anyway!

Problem #3: Your family doesn’t know where to put things.

More than likely, someone other than you put the dishes away and since they were not sure where that spatula went, they put it in the silverware drawer instead of the utensil drawer.

So how do you reach your goals of an organized kitchen? How do you create a system that works but also stays functional?

Label Your Kitchen

Labels in the kitchen can be used in the pantry, the refrigerator, in drawers for utensils, where ever you need them.

But not just where you need them, where your FAMILY needs them!

Let’s face facts here. You know your own goals. You know your system, and you worked hard planning a system that works.

What that means, is that you know where everything goes. But your family has no clue about your goals, plans or systems that you have set in place.

The only way to keep your system working is by labeling everything!

5 Reasons to Label Your Kitchen

  1. Labeling designates a specific location for everything in your kitchen saving you time when you want to need to cook a meal.
  2. Labeling will stop you from buying too many of one thing, saving you money.
  3. TLabels will help you make sure you buy the things you need for your weekly meals by helping you shop your own panty before the grocery store.
  4. Labels will make things quick and easy to see.
  5. Labeling will get your FAMILY on board with your vision and help you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

I look forward to seeing you around The Mom Survival Guide, and if you are looking for the right labels to get your kitchen organized, I have some great pantry labels for you!

The labels I make are easy for you to use because you can print them right at home, and then just peel them and stick them.

Here is what is so great about these labels:

  1. You just need a printer and ink. No fancy Cricut or Silhouette machine is needed.
  2. You just need Avery Labels to print on that are pre-chosen for you. So there is no need to measure, cut or buy any vinyl.
  3. You just need to peel and stick. There is no need to iron anything on or have certain tools to make these labels adhere to your items.

I want to help you get started by giving you 9 FREE Pantry Labels to get your pantry organization started!

I would love for you to comment on your own goals for your kitchen and how you have or are still working on achieving them!