Can I dry clothes without a dryer sheet?

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Can I dry clothes without a dryer sheet?

Wondering if you can dry clothes without a dryer sheet? Maybe you ran out of dryer sheets, or maybe you are wanting to stop using chemicals on your clothes. Either way, the short answer to your question is YES! You can definitely dry clothes without dryer sheets.

But if you want them to come out soft, fragrant and static free, then you need to consider a few dryer sheet alternatives.

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Do You Need Some Kind Of Fabric Softener?


When you wash your clothes with detergent, the detergent stays in your clothes, despite the rinse cycle, making your clothes feel stiff when they come out of the dryer if you don’t use some kind of fabric softener.

I recommend first adding Vinegar to your rinse cycle. You can find out how to add vinegar to your laundry in this article to help soften your clothes

When you move your clothes to the dryer, I recommend trying dryer balls. They are easy to use, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and will soften your clothes in the dryer. I wrote all about the benefits of using dryer balls here.

If you are not planning to use an alternative like vinegar or dryer balls to help soften your clothes, then I don’t recommend it.  Clothing that gets dried without a dryer sheet or an alternative softener can come out of the dryer feeling stiff, rough, and wrinkled.

Will Your clothes Smell Good?

I think one of the main reasons people actually use dryer sheets is because they smell so incredibly good. So no, if you forego the dryer sheet, then you will also be sacrificing that wonderful fresh laundry smell.

Unfortunately, the fragrance used in dryer sheets can be a major irritant to both skin and the respiratory system. So taking it out of your laundry can be greatly beneficial to your health and the health of your family.

And while I believe that clean laundry is laundry that has no smell, others just don’t agree. So you can find some fragrance options that are safer for your laundry here.

Happy Laundering!

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