5 Easy Ways To Organize Messy Stairs So You Don’t Trip And Fall

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Organizing Messy Stairs

Are you tired of looking at the mess on your stairs? Storing items on the stairs or in a stairwell can not only be unsightly, but it can also put you and your family at risk for a fall.  Check out these 5 ways to organize your messy stairs so you don’t trip and fall.

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As a mom who does not want to run up and down the stair five billion times a day, I am guilty of just laying clutter on the steps at the bottom.  The hope is that when the rest of the family goes upstairs, they will recognize their items and take them up with them.

Unfortunately that rarely happens and I end up with my steps being covered in random items that belong in the upstairs rooms.

But messy stairs can happen in a variety of different places throughout the house.

  • Stairs to the basement can become messy with cleaning supplies and items that need to be taken downstairs for storage.
  • Stairs to the garage can become cluttered with shoes, sporting equipment and lawn items.
  • If you have a back staircase, maybe you have been using it as a place to keep extra boxes of food or laundry baskets full of clothes that need to be put away.
  • Stairs right next to an entryway may serve as a banister for coats and a place to pile up shoes when they are taken off.

Regardless of your type of stairs, there is a solution out there to help solve your messy stairs problem.

5 Ways to Organize Messy Stairs

I have listed 5 easy ways you can organize your messy stairs and one bonus tip. I hope you find an idea that helps you!

1 of 5 ways to organize messy stairs with personalized bins

1// Organize Messy Stairs with Stair Bins

Stair bins are a great way to help organize clutter that belongs to other people in the family.

For instance, as I clean up the clutter around the downstairs, I place each persons clutter into a stair bin so they can take the bin upstairs when they go.

You can use these cute bins on Amazon for storage on stairs or order some personalized bins like these from the picture above.

2// Tie Baskets To The Banister Of Your Messy Stairs

If you are worried about having bins on the stairs and people possibly tripping over them, then you could always try hanging baskets like these from the banister.

An easy way to do this would be to use a pretty ribbon to tie the basket to the banister. You could also use these clear command hooks since they are easily removable.

hooks with mauve colored coat and purse strap hanging from them for 1 of 5 ways to organize messy stairs

3// Add To The Walls In A Messy Stairwell

Stairs can become messy with coats, cleaning products, pantry items, you name it. So a great thing to remember is to use the wall space in a stairwell.

Try adding some hooks like these to the walls above the banister to hang coats, purses and other items and keep the stairs from getting messy.

For storage purposes, say in a basement staircase, these narrow acrylic shelves would be great.

For more of a decorative look, try these shelves.

shoes on shelves 5 ways to organize messy stairs

4// Add Storage Nearby Your Messy Stairs

In a garage or around a corner, you may be able to add a small shelving unit or set of drawers to use for items that are being stored on the stairs.

This extra storage can be used for shoes, gloves, hats, cleaning equipment, sporting equipment, or anything else you can think of.

5// Add Floating Shelves to The Slanted Ceiling In A Messy Stairwell

Using all the available space you have is essential when your stairwell is small and used for storage. Try adding storage shelves and baskets to the slanted ceiling to give yourself a place to store even more items.

best broom holders feature image

Bonus Tip: Add A Mop and Broom Holder To Corral Clutter On Messy Stairs

For people who store their mops and booms in the stairwell, I recommend adding a mop and broom holder to the wall in your stairwell. This way the cleaning equipment is not sitting on the stairs and creating a fall hazard.

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5 Ways To Organize Messy Stairs Conclusion

Adding solutions to into your stairwell, on your banister, or near your stairs can really help cut down on stair clutter. I hope you find these suggestions helpful and create a safer home with less mess and more organization.

Happy Organizing!

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