9 Great Toy Storage Ideas To Make Your Life Easier

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Make Your Life Easier With The Best Toy Storage Ideas For Playroom

Have your kid’s toys taken over your home? These toy storage solutions can help you regain control of your home!

Here are my favorite toy storage solutions for your home.

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My Top 3 Favorite Toy Room Storage Ideas

Check out these Top 3 Storage Options for your playroom. These toy organizers keep toys off the floor, are easy for little kids to use and understand, and will fit in most playrooms.

Pick #1: Best Toy Storage Organizer And Storage Bins

This toy organizer is perfect for young children due to it’s open top bins. The open top and slanted format allows your child to easily see inside, and also easily put things back. The easy to use design is perfect for storing your youngster’s toys and taking your room back!


  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to clean plastic bins
  • Differently sized bins
  • Comes in many colors
  • Wall mounts for safety


  • May need to adjust wall brackets for wall mount

Pick #2: Kids Sized Book Case

An open display bookcase is the perfect way to store all of the books your child accumulates. The beauty of this design is that your child can see exactly which book they want to read, and grab it…and only it. There are no stacks of books to dig through or fall over.


  • Easy to use design
  • Shelves are shallow so books won’t fall over and get lost
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Options include ‘double sided’ and ‘toddler sized’


  • Can be somewhat hard to put together due to holes not completely lining up.

Pick #3 Extra Large Storage Basket

An extra large open topped basket is essential for every playroom. Why? Because it is SUPER easy to use! When you need a fast place to stash the toys, just toss them into the basket. The basket serves not only as toy storage, but also as decoration for your room. It is so easy to use, even your child will be able to help do a super speedy cleanup!


  • Soft construction
  • Can be used as decoration


  • Basket arrives folded up, so you have to re-shape them a little

Before We Had Toy Storage

When we first built our home, our kids were little. So naturally, we had toys everywhere with no place to put them!

We decided that we really didn’t have a use for our office at the time, so it became the kid’s playroom.

Organization starts with great toy storage ideas!  Check out these ideas for your toy clutter!  #toys #storage #momlife #organization #ideas

Well, it worked great, there were no more toys lying around our family room. We had a clutter free room! YEA!

Until we walked into the new “playroom”! YIKES!

Yes, we had found a way to move our toy mess to a room with doors so we could contain it better, but that playroom was a DISASTER!

Why? Because there was no toy storage in place.

So we started with some ideas for just the toys and I have listed some great ones below. But we later realized, that we would need to organize the entire playroom with storage. But since this post is already really long, playroom storage ideas will be in a related post…

So let me show you some great options for easy DIY toy storage in your home.

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Toy Storage Ideas In Your Home

Wherever you keep your toys, you need to find ways to contain them, or they will take over your home. Below are some DIY toy storage ideas that are going to help you contain your toys, so you can feel like they are less cluttered.

Not into DIY? Well, I listed some super cute items you can purchase at the end of this post to help contain your toys as well.

Whether you are looking for playroom storage ideas, family room storage ideas, or even bedroom storage ideas for toys, be sure to thin about ease of use for you and your kids. For example…items like bins are easy storage ideas to just throw everything in together.

But if you want something that is a little more specialized…like bath toy storage ideas, stuffed animal storage ideas, or ideas specifically for corner toy storage, then read on to see these fantastic toy storage solutions.

But my advice for you is to first declutter the toys in your home so you are only left with the ones your kids absolutely love.

You can use my decluttering checklist to help you discard toys or any other items in your home…

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Kids Toy Storage Ideas From Real Moms Like You

Mom Idea #1:

From the Atlanta’s Frugal Mom Blog Easy Puzzle Storage.

Easy Puzzle Storage Solution

Looking for easy storage for all of those puzzle and puzzle peices you own? Atlanta’s Frugal Mom shows us how using something simple such as a clear plastic bin, you can contain the clutter from puzzles.

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Mom Idea #2:

From the Down Redbud Drive Blog a DIY Stuffed Animal Corner Cage.

Stuffed Animal Corner Cage

Down Redbud Drive blog can help you contain all of the stuffed toys your kids own. In this blog post, they give you detailed instructions on how to build your own stuffed animal corner storage cage.

Mom Idea #3:

From the A Little Knick A Little Knack Blog a Play Room Makeover using Ikea Products.

How we created the perfect playroom storage system on a budget using Ikea products.

As you can see from the photo, A Little Knick A Little Knack blog is in love with cubbies. And why shouldn’t they be? Cubbies are versitile storage for toys, books, and even items you want to conceal or display.

My favorite kind of cubby storage is one that is small and easy for the kids to access. Also, it should come in a variety of different colors to match your home decor and not stick out like a sore thumb.

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Mom Idea #4:

From the Jinxy Kids Blog an Easy Lego Storage Idea

Lego Storage Container

Jinxy kids has a clever idea for storing all those itty bitty Lego pieces…and still keep them organized. Instead of just throwing them all into one large bin, they have used a tackle box with small compartments for the lego storage.

A great option for this toy storage idea is a tackle box that is all clear so the kids can see what they want before they open it. Another great idea for the tackle box would be deep compartments. That way, there is less chance that little hands will mix up the pieces.

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Mom Idea #5:

From the Tired Supermom Blog 10 Ways to Organize a Playroom

toy storage solutions
organize playroom

Mom Idea #6:

From the Techie Mama Blog: Bin Storage to Keep Naptime Calm

toy storage solutions

Techie Mom uses a Quite Bin in each bedroom to contain toys that the kids can look at and play with around bedtime and naptime.

This is a great idea for a few reasons.

One, as your kids get older, naptime may be something they need some days but not others. But they all still need some quiet time to decompress. So having toys they can play with quietly near their beds is a must.

And two, the bin keeps these similar toys together. They are toys that are soft-sided and don’t make lots of beeping noises or have colorful flashing lights right before sleepytime. So the bin helps contain the like items.

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Mom Idea #7:

From the We’re Parents Blog, a DIY Toy Storage Shed.

This is by far one of the cutest DIY toy storage ideas I have ever seen. The We’re Parents blog built their kids a toy storage shed.

What’s so great about this? Well, your kid’s toys are going to hold up longer because they are not affected by the weather.

They will be dry and clean every time your kids want to use them…so less work for you!

And, best of all, it is a designated area for the kids to “park” their toys for storage when they are finished playing with them.

My favorite motto…A place for everything and everything in its place.

Mom Idea #8:

From the Courtney’s Sweets Blog, a Baby Bath Toy Organizer.

diy how to organize bath toys for babies

Courtney’s Sweets has a fantastic idea for storing bath toys after a bath.

You know how it can be…if you leave the toys in the tub all wet and soapy, the next time you go to give the kids a bath the toys are disgusting.

They have been sitting in the water and have not had a chance to dry out. So they are slimy and some have some mildew.

Instead of pulling out the bleach, use a mesh bag. Not only does it give you a nice simple place to store the bath toys, but it also allows the air to circulate around them and the water to drip out.

So your kid’s bath toys will be clean and dry the next time you need to use them.

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Mom Idea #9:

From The Sunny Side Up Blog: Use plastic bins as storage

toy storage solutions

The Sunny Side Up Blog has a beautiful toy room. Her storage is clean and streamline. But the thing I like most about it is that she uses simple items on her shelves such as clear storage bins that have matching lids.

The bin’s lids keep the space looking uniformed and the clear plastic allows the kids to see what is in each bin before pulling it down.

>>Click Here To Buy Plastic Bins With Colored Lids

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And here are some other products that are great for toy storage as well!

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I hope this post helps you get your toy mess under control! If you are looking for other ideas to get organized, check out these posts!

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Thanks for reading!


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