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40 Fun Hobbies For Stay At Home Moms Who Need More Self Care

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Great Hobbies For Stay At Home Moms

When do you get your ‘Me’ time as a stay-at-home mom?  As a stay at home mom myself, I make sure I have something I love to do that helps me unwind. For me, it is reading, painting, and doing jigsaw puzzles, but there are loads of hobbies for stay at home moms to choose from.

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35 Hobbies For Stay At Home Moms To Start

There are so many good hobbies that moms can pick up for fun to get you out of ‘mom-mode’.  Many of these hobbies can be done at home alone, and some are more of a group thing. Here are just a few hobbies you can try:

Tips For Stay At Home Mom Hobbies

It can be hard to find time for a hobby as a stay at home mom. Most of your time is spent managing your home and running after your kids. So in order to be able to fit that hobby in and help you to relax, here are a few tips to help you:

  1. Make a routine you stick to so you know what your day will look like pretty much so everyday.
  2. Put your much needed ‘Me’ time on the routine during a time you know your kids will not bother you.
  3. Make sure you have your hobby supplies on hand so you can get to them quickly when you have that short amount of down time.
  4. Choose a hobby that you can pick up and put down easily in case your kids need you in the middle of working on your hobby.

Why Hobbies For Stay At Home Moms Are Good

Stay at home moms are crazy busy WORKING…yes I said WORKING…all day!  We are not eating bon bons, we are not watching Netflix.  We are trying to keep up with our kids and our daily tasks.

So because we are literally doing a job all day (and sometimes all night), it is important that we fit in some ‘Me’ time with some hobbies or passions of our own for 3 main reasons:

  • Hobbies can give you a creative outlet.
  • Diving into a hobby gives your mind a break and a chance to not worry about kids or chores.
  • Good hobbies give you something you are passionate about besides your family (and as selfish as that sounds, your NEED this!)

Can you see now why hobbies and passions of your own are important? 

As much as I would love for time to myself, or “me time” to just show up in my life and busy schedule, it just doesn’t work that way. And it won’t work that way for you either. You must make the self care happen! You must schedule it into your day, week, month, and year!

How do stay at home moms not get bored?

Besides the fact that we are running around the house chasing our kids all day, cleaning up, and cooking meals, stay at home moms don’t get bored. This seems to be a common misconception among people who do not stay home.

But even when we get some down time, you are not just wasting that time. Stay at home moms have been given a rare opportunity to grow into who they want to be by expanding our own minds and abilities.

We don’t usually get bored because there isn’t much time to get bored.  But even when we do have some downtime, we learn new hobbies, we find things we are passionate about to take part in, and we volunteer.  

By doing these things, we are also finding our ‘Me’ time. You can check out good hobbies for stay at home moms above in my list.

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How can a stay at home mom be happy?

Taking time for yourself is important because it is how we as moms stay happy.   Finding ‘Me’ time is one of the single most important things you can do for yourself to be a better mom. 

Hobbies are a good way to cultivate some time to yourself doing something you love other than cooking and cleaning.  

At times, staying home with your kids can cause you to lose your identity and feel alone.  But having a hobby allows you to find something to be excited about that is YOURS and not your kids’.  

Hobbies also help you connect with other people who have the same hobby as you.

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How do you not lose interest in a hobby?

It is hard to not lose interest in a hobby.  Many times we lose interest because we just don’t have the time, or sometimes it is because we realize it wasn’t the right hobby or the right time for that hobby.

For example, if you have little kids at home, it may not be the greatest idea to start acting in plays when you have to be gone all the time at play practices.  But for moms who need more ‘me’ time, maybe doing it once your kids are a little older or in school would be better timing and you can put more of yourself into your hobby without feeling guilty.

What do stay at home moms do all day?

Since your time is limited to small spans of relaxation in between crying spells, cleaning up messes, and trying to get nap time in, hobbies that are easy to pick up and put down at a moments notice are the best until your kids are at school all day.

Some of my favorite hobbies

Some of my personal favorite hobbies that I do are gardening, decorating, organizing, and blogging.  

The gardening started when my kids were young and they got to know a lot about different vegetables and how they tasted.  They also learned how to get dirty and plant their own plants to watch them grow.

But while they were napping, I could chose a hobby and grab some much needed ‘Me’ time to indulge in.

Connect with other moms through hobbies

Many moms have hobbies, so if you have a similar hobby as another mom, you will have some things to talk about besides your husband and your kids.  It will help your brain relax by talking with someone else who enjoys the same things you do, and it will help you connect with other moms.

Find your passion or hobby today to add more ‘Me’ time to your life and become a better mom in the process!


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