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Boy Oh Boy!  Do I have some great Spring Cleaning tips, articles, and ideas for you today!   And there is even a big list of printables and checklists that you can choose from to make your life a little easier!

Spring is just around the corner…I PROMISE, it really is!  So if you are wondering when to start spring cleaning, the time is now!  As the weather gets warmer, I love to start the Spring Cleaning process!  Just the idea of opening some windows and letting the fresh air in makes me feel like a new person!

After being cooped up all winter long, it is time to air out your home and get to cleaning!  Clean out all those viruses that are left over from your sick children!  Get the dust moving out of your home after collecting all winter long!

I have gotten together with some great bloggers to bring you some fantastic ideas for cleaning this spring.  There are natural cleaners you can make your self, articles about decluttering to save money, and great ideas to clean anything and everything you can think of!  And some you may not even have thought of!   From cleaning your grill to cleaning your washing machine, I am sure there is a tip in here for you!

Sections of this post:

I made it nice and easy for you to scroll through quickly and find what you need.

Section 1:  Cleaners to use and some you can make

Section 2:  Cleaning specific areas of your home (like your appliances and furniture)

Section 3:  General cleaning and decluttering tips (tips for the whole home)

Section 4:  Printables to make your life a little easier!

So get to scrolling and find something you can start cleaning today!

Section 1:  Some Great Cleaners To Get You Started

All-Natural Granite Cleaner

All Natural DIY Granite Cleaner Recipe

Liquid Homemade Laundry Detergent

Make this easy (and budget friendly) homemade laundry detergent recipe - it's liquid! No chemicals, dyes, or additives and it's perfect for sensitive skin.

Two Ingredient Capet Deodorizer- That Works!

DIY all purpose cleaner recipe in a spray bottle

Four Ingredient All Purpose Cleaner

All-Natural Window Cleaner Recipe

Two Ingredient Window Cleaner Recipe

Best Bathroom Cleaners

Bathroom cleaning products used by the cleaning lady. Best bathroom cleaners used in our cleaning business. Best bathroom cleaners

DIY Tea Tree Cleaners

DIY Tea Tree Oil Cleaner Recipes - Make your own natural cleaners that kill 99.9% of household germs without harmful chemicals.

DIY Cleaning Kit With Homemade Cleaners

Homemade Multi-purpose cleaner recipe - affordable and super effective!

Genius Cleaning Hacks with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Cleaning Hacks

Stainless Steel Cleaner

How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

Easy DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution

Section 2:  Places To Start Cleaning!

Great Toy Storage Ideas

Organization starts with great toy storage ideas!  Check out these ideas for your toy clutter!  #toys #storage #momlife #organization #ideas

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to store and keep toys cleaned up!  In this post, you will find 9 ideas to clean up those toys you keep stepping on!

Outdoor Upholstered Furniture

How To Clean Outdoor Upholstered Furniture

As spring slowly comes around the bend, the one thing I always look forward to is bringing the patio furniture back out!  But since my son’s birthday is in April, I have to make sure it is nice and clean before having company over.  Jamie from Scattered Thoughts Of A Crafty Mom  has a great way to clean outdoor upholstered furniture using one simple thing that we probably all have in our homes!

Easy Tips to Deep Clean Your Windows

These Easy Ways to Clean Your Windows are the perfect way to start off your spring cleaning!! From tracks, to frame, to the window sill, to window treatments, and the window itself, it will brighten up any room in your house!! Plus, it makes the process faster when you have a clear plan for tackling the project!

Jenny from Cook-Eat-Go has some great tips for cleaning your windows thoroughly this spring.  Check out her tips for cleaning not only the window glass, but also the frames, tracks, curtains, and blinds as well.

Clean Your Kitchen Garbage Can

How to Clean Your Kitchen Garbage CanCrysa from Thrifty Jinxy has also contributed a great post on How To Clean Your Kitchen Garbage Can!  I was actually excited to read this post because I really need to do this!  I guess we never really think about how gross our garbage cans can get, but if you take a look…oohh.  Yeah, this is a great post for spring!

Ultimate Spring Cleaning Garage Sale Guide

Turn your spring cleaning into extra money with these garage sale tips! #yardsaleWhat a better way to get rid of your clutter and make a little extra money than to have a spring garage sale!  With the weather getting a little warmer, it is the perfect time to put a sale together.  Beth from A Little Knick A Little Knack has a great guide for having a Successful Spring Garage Sale.  Her guide covers all of the steps from finding things to sell, to pricing items, and even what to do with the leftovers.  If your thinking about having a Spring Garage Sale, you may want to read Beth’s pointers first!

How to Clean Your Keurig

Amber from her self named Amber Oliver Website, shows us How To Clean A Keurig using some great photography and step by step instructions!  I know that sometimes we forget about things like the coffee maker!  But cleaning the coffee maker is really important because of all the bacteria that can grow in that warm water.  So make sure you check out Amber’s great post!

DIY Drill Brush Attachment

Another great idea from Amber Oliver is this DIY Drill Brush attachment.  Amber is a great DIYer and she tells you just how you can make this same drill brush for only $2.  Go to her post DIY Drill Brush – Make A Drill Scrub Brush to see the materials you need to get started!

20 Clever Uses For Your Vacuum Attachments

20 Clever Uses for Vacuum Cleaner Attachments. Make cleaning your home easier by putting your vacuum attachments to work for you. #cleaningtricks #homecleaninghacks #housecleaning #cleaning

Have you ever wondered what all of those vacuum attachments can do?  Well, Shirley at Intelligent Domestications has 20 great ideas on how you can use your vacuum to clean all kinds of things you never would have thought of before!  Check out her post here!

Getting Backed On Grease Off Of Non-Stick Pans

A quick and easy method for cleaning your baking sheets.   Read about it here!

The Best Deep Cleaning Hack

I just want to give a quick shout out to Amber Oliver, because she has some great pictures on her site that show exactly how she is using her cleaning equipment!  In this post, Amber is talking all about how she uses her Homeright SteamMachine to clean some really tough things in her home like her grill!  Check out her post The Best Deep Cleaning Hack – The Homeright SteamMachine.

The Best Way To Clean Your Oven Door

How To Clean Your Oven Door Glass When Baking Soda Doesn't Work... #slayathomemother #oven #cleaning #cleaninghack -- SLAYathomemother.com

If you are a mom that cooks, you know how gross the inside of your oven can get.  But the part that everyone sees is the glass!  Why is it that the glass is also the hardest part to get clean!   Corrine from Slay At Home Mother has a great post where she tests out a few different methods to clean her oven glass.  Click over to her post How To Clean Your Oven Door Glass When Baking Soda Won’t Cut It to find out the method that worked best for her and maybe will for you too!

Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Medicine Cabinet 2

I have to do this at least once a year and have found in the past that spring is the best time.  All of those medications you bought over the last few years for your sick family…it is time to clean them out!  Diane from Turning the Clock Back has some great tips about cleaning out your medicine cabinet and how to dispose of everything properly.  So before you throw those pills in the trash, read this post Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Medicine Cabinet.

Car Cleaning Kit

Love this quick organizing tip! My car would be so much cleaner if I had all of the car cleaning supplies organized into one handy kit. This has a good list of things to include in a car cleaning kit - all great ideas!

Emily over at The Small Stuff Counts has another great tip for spring cleaning.  She believes that if you are the kind of person that keeps your bathroom cleaning supplies in your bathroom, then it would be a great idea to also keep your car cleaning supplies near your car in a nice little kit.  Check out her post Quick Organizing Tip: Create a Car Cleaning Kit.

The Right Way To Remove Mold In The Shower

One thing I get asked about a lot is how to get rid of mold in the shower. Should I use bleach to remove the mold? What is safe to use? Is there an all-natural method to remove mold? How do I keep the mold from coming back? All of the answers are right here. #shower #mold #pinkfortitude

In this post, the blog Pink Fortitude answers the following questions:  Should I use bleach to remove the mold? What is safe to use? Is there an all-natural method to remove mold? How do I keep the mold from coming back?  If you need answers to these questions, check out the post here!

How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower door with half of the hard water stains removed and the other left as is.

Jessica from The Forked Spoon Blog writes in this post exactly what to do with those spots on your shower glass doors.  She goes through the difference between hard and soft water as well as the cleaner that worked and didn’t work for her.  Check out this post to learn more.

What Happened When I Tamed The Laundry Monster

Laundry basket overflowing with clothes with words "say goodbye to laundry day forever!"

In this post, Jennifer from Smart Fun DIY tells us how we can get our laundry done in just 10 minutes a day!  If your home is anything like mine, where there is an endless cycle of laundry, this technique will totally help you out.  Check out her 4 steps to Taming The Laundry Monster!

How to Clean the Washing Machine

Washing machine beside the washing machine cleaner, vinegar, water and baking soda on the floor with text overlay that says How to Clean a Washing Machine

Chelsea from Making Manzanita is ready to show you just how to get your washing machine the cleanest it has ever been!  She goes into detail about making the cleaning solution, which parts of the washer to concentrate your cleaning, and even how to find and clean your washer’s filter.  You can read more on How To Clean Your Washing Machine on her site!

A New Bathroom Cleaning Routine That Gives Me Energy


Another great post from Jennifer at Smart Fun DIY is all about how her new bathroom routine gives her energy.  Find out what she is using and see if you can find that same energy by reading more here!

Section 3:  General Home Cleaning And Organization Tips

Cost of Clutter and Disorganization

This post is great if you want motivation for purging all that clutter in your home!  The post talks about how certain things in your home that you buy twice or forget you have will cost you extra money in the end!  Click here to read this post and find out more ways that your clutter is costing you money!

Four Easy Cleaning Hacks For Busy Moms

Four Easy Cleaning Tricks for Busy Moms

If you’re a busy mom, then these hacks by Our Wasabi Life will really help you out!  Whenever I see a post that titles one of there sections, “Forget Scrubbing”, you know I am going to read it because scrubbing is the most awful thing to do!  To read more of these hacks, check out the post here!

3 House Cleaning Hacks

No one wants to clean. So try these 3 house cleaning hacks

Cleaning your microwave, A/C, and bathtub are all a big pain in the rear end! But this post gives some great tips for cleaning them quickly and easily.  Check out this post by Our Wasabi Life to get some incredibly easy tips for cleaning!

5 Spring Cleaning Hacks (For Anyone Who Hates Cleaning)

how to make spring cleaning easier

Theresa over at Moms Who Save has written a great post about actually making spring cleaning a little more tolerable!  So if you hate cleaning and need to make it a little more “worth your while”, check out Theresa’s ideas here!

How To Take The Drudgery Out Of Spring Cleaning

How to take the drudgery out of spring cleaning

If you need some more ideas about how to make spring cleaning a little more tolerable, then you should head over to the site Intelligent Domestications.  Here you will find Shirley’s take on making your spring cleaning days a little more pleasant.  Check out the post here!

How To Purge Like a Reformed Hoarder

Our summer project at the Homestead seemed simple enough, but it became a lesson in how to purge like a reformed hoarder. Not only did I use my project management skills to conquer a messy situation, I also had a chance to meet Matt Paxton himself (from the TV show Hoarders) and gain some brilliant insights into the minds of real-life hoarders.Pink Fortitude sounds like a site that I can definitely get into.  If you visit this post you will find a system to break down the everyday items you use and the sentimental items in your life so that you can start purging.  Check out the full post here!

Tips For Decluttering Any Room

These easy Tips for Decluttering will make decluttering any room a breeze!! Simple steps and planning will make the chore fly by!

Jenny from Cook-Eat-Go has some great tips for decluttering any room of your home.  She has condensed the decluttering process into 5 simple steps that you can check out here!

10 Important Tips For Organizing and Cleaning with Kids in the House

LaVonne from the blog Long Wait For Isabella, writes this post giving us some much-needed tips for organizing and cleaning when we have kids.  Find out more about her great tips by reading her post, 10 Important Tips for Organizing and Cleaning with Kids in the House.

Your Cleaning Routine Could Be Damaging Your Health

Make this money saving switch to microfiber to keep your household healthier

Sarah at Garden Full Of Dreams has a great post about how to keep yourself and your family safe when cleaning.  She talks about the harmful chemicals in cleaners and also the safest cleaning utensils to use to keep your family safe and also save you money.  Read more on her site by clicking here!

Spring Cleaning My Home And My Heart

Spring Cleaning

For a great Faith-based message about cleaning your home and your heart, you should read this post by Shari at Faith Filled Food For Moms.  She gives a checklist for cleaning your home and also a great prompt for cleaning your spiritual life!  Check out her post here!

4 Realistic Tips To Conquer Clutter In Your Home

Conquer Your Clutter

Lisa from A Day In Our Shoes writes some great tips to Conquer Your Clutter.  From finding support to realizing why you are keeping things in the first place, Lisa’s post will help you take that first step to realize your Spring Cleaning Goals.  Read the post here!

How To Declutter Your Room Fast

How to declutter your room fast

DIY With My Guy posted an article about decluttering your room fast.  They give tips for both your bedroom and closet, so be sure to check out the post here!

Three Spring Cleaning Tips that Will Make You Money

Spring Cleaning Tips to Earn Extra Money

Sarah, author of I Heart Frugal, talks not only about some great tips for decluttering in this post, but also how you can make some money by decluttering.   She lists out some great online sites and apps where you can sell your newly purged items, so head over and read her post here!

Decluttering Your Home Is In Your Reach

Declutter your house and gain perspective

Another great post from I Heart Frugal, Sarah talks about gaining perspective by decluttering.  She talks about some great places to get started, three being with your junk mail, children’s art, and those pesky flyers that are laying around.  Check out her post for more tips here!

Section 4:  PRINTABLES

Organization Printables

Spring Cleaning For Your Linens- Printable

It's the time of year to be spring cleaning!! This Free Spring Cleaning Linen Printable will help to make sure that you don't miss linens.

Spring Cleaning Checklist


Pretty Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

If you aren't sure how to tackle freshening your home for spring, this spring cleaning checklist will help! Get the free (pretty) printable.

Complete Cleaning Schedule – Printable

Aren't sure how often you should complete certain household duties? Here's the ultimate cleaning schedule, with weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks!

Spring Cleaning Checklist

What a super helpful not to mention free printable spring cleaning checklist!

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning check lists for spring cleaning to help you organize your home by room and keep it all clean #cleaning #cleaningtips #cleaninghacks #cleaningtricks #housecleaning #housecleaningtips #housekeeping #springcleaning #springclean

Some other great articles that may help you start your spring cleaning are:

14 Places to Donate Books That Are Cluttering Your Home

35 Tips to Stop Wasting Time

Get Out The Door Faster – With Kids! (how to organize your “launch pad”)

As a Stay At Home Mom... parenting, organization, kid's activities and blogging have all become my passion and I want to share what I have learned with you! Browse my site or follow me on social media!

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