Maybe it is because the laundry room is right near an entryway to your home.  Maybe it is because it is too small. Maybe it is because you are trying to house too many things in that room.  Whatever the reason, you have a messy laundry room and you cannot seem to get control of it.

With kids, a busy schedule, and too many items in our homes, the laundry room can easily become a dumping ground for things that are dirty, have no home, and just need a place to reside until we figure out what to do with them.

In my own home home, I keep laundry in the laundry room, but I also hide birthday gifts there (because let’s face it, the kids are not doing any laundry), I put tools in there instead of walking them out to the garage or basement, and I keep a lot of my cleaning supplies in there.

With all of that, my messy laundry room doesn’t stand a chance.

What do you store in your laundry room?  Should it be stored there? Could you move some things out, add some containers, and clean up the space to work better for you and your family?  I think so.

But where do you start?

How To Declutter A Messy Laundry Room

With all of the things that are getting thrown into your laundry room, the best thing you can do is start by decluttering it.  By doing so, you are going to move out all of the unwanted items in that room so you can focus on storing the items that are supposed to be in your laundry room.

Step 1:  Decide what should be stored in the laundry room.  Some examples of items that should be kept in your laundry room are:

  • Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • Dryer balls
  • Vinegar
  • Stain removers
  • Fels naptha
  • Baking soda
  • Oxi clean
  • Toothbrush (for scrubbing out stains)
  • Dirty laundry

Step 2:  Go through the items in the laundry room one at a time. Decide if they need to be moved to a different location, donated, thrown away, or if they should actually stay in the laundry room.

Step 3:  Decide if there are other items you want to keep in your laundry room if you have room.  Such as cleaning items.

How do I keep my laundry room clean?

Once you have decluttered your messy laundry room, the next step would be to clean it.  Clean your appliances and countertops with some dawn water and a cloth. Use an extendable dusting wand to clean behind and under the appliances and all around the baseboards.  If you have tile, linoleum, or wood floors, mop them with a good floor cleaner or dawn water.

Once you have your messy laundry room completely decluttered and organized too, you will find that your laundry room will stay cleaner because 1) you don’t have as many things in it, and 2) you have a place to store the items that belong there.

Which brings us to the next question…

How do you organize a messy laundry room?

Unfortunately, me telling you exactly how to organize your laundry room is probably not going to help you much.  Why? Well, organization is not ‘One Size Fits All’. There are many questions that come into play when making a decision about how to organize your laundry room.  Such as:

Do you want open shelving or cabinets you can close?  Do you want to use bins and baskets or just set things on the shelves for easy access?  Do you have wall space where you can hang hooks or a drying rack? Do you have the room for a clothes rod or clothing line?

All of these questions will have to be answered by you, but I can definitely give you some ideas.  And you may try one method and then find out it is not for you.  

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Laundry Room Organization Ideas:

Many times in before and after pictures you will see people stacking their washer and dryer in order to find more space in a small room.  But in this laundry room, they actually unstacked the washer and dryer so they could add cabinets and a nice counter for folding and other work.  They also added a tension rod for hanging clothing that cannot be folded.

Source:  Gather and Flourish

Not everyone has the money to go out and buy a new washer and dryer.  But if you do, this many be a great solution for you. In this before and after pictures, they went from a top loading washing machine to a front loader, allowing them to add a shelf on top.  Like the last picture, they also added a cabinet and a tension rod as a storage and hanging solution. The plus to this washer and dryer combo may not just be that they are front loaders, but also that they have storage drawers underneath to house many items needed for the laundry.

Source:  Sugar and Cloth

Click Here for more laundry hanging ideas:

This tiny little closet laundry room got a makeover just by adding some extra shelving and a roller cart.  Many times, a messy laundry room can be cleaned up that easily.

Source:  Four Generations One Roof

Here are a few narrow roller carts you can get from Amazon:

The laundry room in this picture simply added a shelf above their top loader and a nice middle console for storage.

Source:  All Things Heart And Home

Here is a set of rustic shelves you can buy on Etsy:

An Extra Long 12 Deep Rustic Floating Shelf TWO Iron image 0

So many before and after round up posts show actual laundry rooms.  But I can remember being at my old house and the laundry area being in the basement.  This was a great picture of how you can create a more pleasant and functional space in your basement or even your garage.  They painted everything they could white to brighten the space, added shelves shelves for storage, a small console table for folding, and baskets for laundry.  Then they threw in a nice rug so they are not standing on the cold concrete floor.

Source:  Maggie May’s

Click here to see some more super cute storage baskets to make your laundry room functional:

XXL Premium Laundry Basket 18x18x16 Storage image 0

Click here to buy

Extra Large Storage Basket XXXL Cotton Rope Basket 21.7 image 0

Click here to buy

Here, it looks like this laundry room just needed a little brightening and storage.  They painted lighter brighter colors. It looks like they may have replaced the floor, but a budget friendly option would be to just paint the floor a lighter color or add a light rug.  Then, they added storage cabinets and a countertop on the opposite side of the room.

Source:  Live The Fancy Life

What a sweet little makeover.  They brightened up the space with a cheerful color and then added extra shelving for storage.

Source:  I love Decoration

Click here to choose from shelves for your space:

Another dungeon laundry room makeover!  Again, she brightened the space with white paint, added some nice flooring that is probably not as cold as the concrete, and added shelves above for storage.

Source:  4 Men 1 Lady

Click here to see some super cute laundry room rugs to brighten your space:

This laundry room became more functional by removing the doors of the back cabinets and turning the cabinets into open shelving for laundry basket storage and laundry sorting.  They also added a shelf above the washer and dryer and added baskets for some pretty storage.

Source:  The Kim Six Fix

How To Hang a Shelf:

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How Do You Organize Your Washing?

While we are on the subject of messy laundry rooms, this may be a good time to also talk about how to organize your washing, or dirty laundry.

I like to have 3 baskets in my laundry for dirty laundry.  I label them ‘Lights’, ‘Darks’, and ‘Brights’.

All of the clothing in ‘Lights’ is of light colors, like light grey, pastels, white, and tan.  They all get washed in warm to hot water.

The clothing in the ‘Darks’ consists of dark saturated colors like black, navy, dark grey, brown and they get washed in cold.

The ‘Brights’ consist of bright pink, red, and orange. These clothes get washed on cold also.

Where should you put a laundry basket in your house?

Considering every person in your home is creating laundry, the best place for a laundry basket is in each room.  The basket does not have to be large, but it should be in a visible space for kids so they can easily drop their clothing in it and not on the floor.

We use mesh laundry baskets for clothes hampers in our house so they are lightweight which makes it easy for the kids to help out on laundry day.

What type of flooring is best for a laundry room?

The best type of flooring in a laundry room is flooring that is easy to clean, is durable, and can get wet.  Then, because you are spending a lot of time in the laundry room on your feet, I would recommend a nice rug or an anti-fatique cushioned floor mat.

VIDEO EMBED:  <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

I hope this post really helps you declutter your messy laundry room and I would really love to both hear and see how your organization is going so please leave a comment below!

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